Tuesday, January 22, 2013

He makes me Waff and Waff

People often tell me I am the happiest they have ever seen me.  And it is true, Will makes me EXTREMELY happy.  But this post isn't about how wonderfully loving he is...it's about how he makes me laugh. 
He cracks me up ALL of the time, but the funniest moments are when he doesn't mean to make a joke.  Here is a great "for example":
This weekend, we went for sushi and then walked to a store next to the sushi place shopping for new toys for our dogs. (Wow--could we have a more middle-class, white evening out??--ha ha!)
The girl at the checkout had a very unfortunate situation with her teeth.  They weren't just a little messed up, I am certain she could eat corn on the cob through a picket fence. Bless her heart.
And what does my husband do???  He says "OOH I like your braces!" 
The poor girl just stood there. 
Dumbfounded and blushed. 
Evidently, Will had seen a glimmer of spit or something in the 4 inch gap between her teeth and thought she had a sparkly invisilgn or something.  Who knows.
She stammered something about needing braces and saving up for them.  I was so embarrassed--but at the same time, this was so typical.  Will is the nicest person in the world (unless he is driving) and would NEVER say anything to hurt anyone's feelings--but he often talks without thinking.  And that's when he makes me loller the most. 
No woman wants wrinkles---but I bet I die with the deepest laugh lines in history!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hoarders...Spice edition

I love to cook.  And somehow, my spice cabinet spilled into two more cabinets.  Probably because I keep buying and upgrading without throwing anything out.  Once I discovered Penzy's, I stopped buying grocery store spices but failed to purge. 
Well, today was purge day.  It took a little over an hour and 2 trash bags...but I did it!
Most of my spices were from 2008-2010 that needed to be thrown away but check out Mr. Celery Seed.

Yep.  1997.  Is Astor even in business any more?  Shame on me!
Here is what I ended up throwing away/recycling:
I still have a full cabinet plus a shelf of spices left.  You can't expect a spice addict to go cold, unseasoned turkey, right???

Friday, January 18, 2013


I decided to stop blogging last year.  I don't really know why-- I guess it felt repetitive with facebook-I have no idea. But seriously, I pick 2012 to stop blogging?  The year we go on a Bahamas cruise in March, Hawaii in June and a mission trip to Romania in October??? I will probably NEVER have such an exciting year again in my life and THIS was the year I stopped writing...geesh!!!

Well, I'm back heifers!

Today is Friday of a long weekend.  I have a TON of stuff to get done at work; however, I just finished my lunch and decided to take 10 minutes to resuscitate my blog. 

We got snow last night for the first time in two years.  Spencer was so excited he set out his "snow clothes" as soon as the forecast was official.  Since the boys didn't have school today, IV spent the night so he and Spencer could play all day.  By 9 am they were suited up like an Aspen vacation (IV's words not mine) and dragging sleds across the front yard.
By 10:30 am they came back in...cold..wet...hungry...with lots of red, snowball rashes across their faces ready for dry clothes, hot cocoa and comfy chairs at the Xbox.