Saturday, March 24, 2007

For Nana and Boppa

Spencer wanted to leave Nana and Boppa a BLOG update so this entry is from Spencer:

Hi Nana and Boppa-

Mom let me have a mohawk today. I looked cool.

I watched IV's soccer game and then had lunch.

After lunch, IV and I had our face painted into EAGLES. Boppa would love it!

Then we met the Easter Bunny and hunted eggs.

I found a silver egg at the Easter Egg hunt and won a blue bunny!

After the hunt, Mom took me to WalMart and I used the gift card you sent me to buy LOTS of fun stuff like a Little E pillow, blanket and stretchy toys!

I love you and I miss you lots!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy Spring!

It is 80 degress today--and beautiful! Spencer is out in the yard trying to catch butterflies-- it was really cute, so I snapped a couple pictures, and then two bully bumble bees chased him all over the yard. Of course it didn't help that I was cracking up....

At Last!

In 1992, Toby fulfilled the requirements for his major (Physical Education) but lacked two elective credits. He was able to walk/attend the graduation ceremony; however, the university held his actual diploma until his two electives were satisfied. Because his "Major" was fulflled, this was no big deal to him...until now! Toby did the two electives online and the university released his diploma (1992 to 2006 wasn't too slow, huh???haha) Not only did he complete the two electives, but he got straight A's!!! (and no I did NOT write his papers for him!) Way to go Toby! next up?...grad school....

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another fun filled week

Spencer had his Kindergarten program and it was adorable! I now know why he didn't want to be the wolf... the wolf comes down the chimney into a pot of boiling water and runs around the stage clinging to his burned bum...Spencer turned red just *watching* the other kid act it out!!! he is shy...what can we say?

This week just flew by! We had baseball sign ups. Toby and Jimmy are coaching Spencer and IV's team. Spencer picked out lots of fun books at the Book Fair this week. I made the "famous" SJ Italian Chicken recipe Friday and it was a hit! We went to a Barbecue and Mission Fundraiser at church tonight-- Toby bid and won on a new piece of exercise equipment for his home gym and he also (secretly) bid and won theater tickets for us in a few weeks! What a nice surpise...can't wait for date night! Oh and Jimmy and I found the "PERFECT" Father's day gift--so we bid together and won that one--can't list it here since Dad reads my blog!!!

and the Heels won tonight!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!! Love March Madness!!!

*** for my international friends (specifically, Sherri, Paula and Michele) Toby and I both graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is basketball tournament time, and our team-- the Tar Heels-- are in the tournament and doing well! Our lives revolve around the tournament--as long as our team is in :-)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Go Heels!

What an awesome weekend! UNC wins the ACC tourney! Sunday was a fantastic day-- we were actually *on time* for church, we had a spaghetti lunch (Girl Scouts fundraiser) after church, we watched the awesome Tar Heel win over State. Then I actually cooked (yes! cooked!) a big dinner-- ham, sweet potatoes, collard greens, rolls, cheese and fruit plate. It was SO good!

Spencer finally asked to have his hair cut this weekend. It is really short now--but he loves it...I'm still not used to it yet. I liked it long!

Speaking of Spencer, guess what the little goofball did! His kindergarten class is performing "The Three Little Pigs" at the School Fair and Spencer was asked to be the Big Bad Wolf. I was proud of him! But.... after one practice, he asked his teachers if someone else could be the wolf because "all that huffing and puffing was bad on his asthma." !!!????!!!! Okay--either the kid had stage fright, is just plain goofy, or his asthma really did flare up. Who knows-- but that was certainly strange!!! We didn't know whether to laugh or be worried about him....

Toby is on his 400th round of antibiotics. He has the sinus infection from hell. They decided not to do allergy tests because they know he is allergic to everything so he is on two different allergy meds, steriods and antibiotics...still. When Spring hits, it is just going to get worse--- poor guy!

My friend Christy has me addicted to HGTV's Rate My Room. It is the "hot or not" of decorating and those divas are viscious! I have laughed so hard! of course I am not brave enough to post any room of my house!!!! Ha!

I'm still in limbo about Idol. For the first time since it started, I don't have a favorite. I like Blake, Melinda and Lakisha. But I am fairly certain that I would never buy a Melinda or Lakisha CD. Blake is debateable. In fact-- for all the idol-analysis I have done over the years, Chris Daughtry is the ONLY idol CD I own. Hmmm... makes me wonder....

So... I finished reading True Evil by Greg Isles-- it was pretty good-- I always enjoy his books! I started Wild Fire by Nelson DeMille last night. I love the John Corey novels-- I laugh out loud at this character. Only DeMille can keep you in suspense and laughing at the same time reading a thriller about terrorism!

My nieces, A&K, are seventeen today. Happy Birthday girls! Where does time go??? They were tiny babies when Toby and I started dating...and now they are looking at colleges????