Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lazy 5 Ranch

Will and I took our boys on a little day trip today to Lazy 5 Ranch.  We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed feeding and petting all the animals.

Here are some of our favorite animal photos:

The giraffes and the scottish cows were our favorites to feed.  The Bison were....stinky.  I think the Bison waited until a tour wagon came by to pee or poop.  The boys laughed and laughed....

After we left the ranch, we stopped by Kerr Mill for a quick tour.

The boys enjoyed the park at Kerr Mill despite the cold weather--

What a great way to close out 2009!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Wow-- Santa left Spencer all kinds of cool stuff!

Oh..and Bowser and I got some great gifts as well...

After a couple of hours of goofing off at home, Spencer and I went to Nana and Boppa's for our traditional Christmas breakfast and our family Christmas.

Christmas evening was also wonderful-- but I was a slacker and didn't get any pictures.  We had a nice dinner back at Nana and Boppa's house.  Will joined us for dinner. Amanda and Zach stopped by as well. (Shame on me for not getting pictures! )

Christmas Eve 2009

Cooking, shopping, presents, family and church--- a nice relaxing Christmas Eve.
After church, Spencer put out reindeer food in what's left of the snow in the front yard.  The oatmeal reindeer food was especially yummy to Bowser, he practically tackled Spencer to get to it!

After we fed the reindeer, we set out cookies for Santa. Of course Spencer had to sample a few of the cookies to make sure they were yummy enough for Santa!
This year, Spencer decided to set up a "taste test" and left Coke, Pepsi and Milk to see which was Santa's favorite.

A few years ago, Spencer and I started a new tradition of reading all of our Christmas cards before he went to sleep.  It gives us an opportunity to look at the pictures and/or say something nice about people we don't get to see often.  It helps both of us to appreciate the cards. This year, even our kitty, Inez, wanted to be part of the tradition!

Loving the holidays!

Christmas is all about the meeting up with friends and loved ones.  I was a little slack with getting photos this season but here are a few:

First, here are pics from Christmas dinner out with the Godwins.  We started out at Sir Pizza but sat there for 30 minutes without getting waited on so we packed up our presents and walked over to Pizza Vino.  This makes the THIRD (and last!) time we have left Sir Pizza because we couldn't get service! 
We didn't let it ruin our evening-- we all had a blast and the kids were little angels!

And of course, my first Christmas with Will was wonderful. Despite our dogs not getting along for their Christmas playdate, the evening was still very nice.  His poor little Chi-weenie dog, Lacie, and my big shepherd mix (Bowser) were definitely on Santa's naughty list that evening!

Yeah...good luck with that...

All I wanted was a picture in front of our tree.  Just a simple picture of Spencer smiling.  Well evidently that wasn't going to happen....sigh...little boys, geez!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Okay...that's enough...melt already!

Ughh--- I am already tired of the roads being a mess, everything being closed, the wet mud tracked in the house....  AND let's not forget the huge pile of wet clothes from Spencer playing in the snow all day---coming in every hour and changing into warm, dry clothes and then going back outside. Snow days just aren't as much fun when you're an adult.

Spencer and IV had a blast riding the four wheeler, sledding, snowball fighting and playing football in the snow with Jimmy and Melissa.

Spencer's poor snowman resembled the congestion monster from the Mucinex commercials dontcha think?
I'm scared to ask what he used for the mouth....and sincerely hope that Bowser had nothing to do with it....

Cold and wet isn't my bag, baby --- so I was on hot chocolate patrol.  I made the homemade good stuff !

Then Spencer and I cranked up the heat and made some Christmas cookies. He had more fun swirling and playing in the sugar sprinkles than the actual cookie making!  I thought we were going to make red ones and green ones (not mixed!) but Spencer decided that green alone looked like troll bogeys and red alone looked like the bare baboon buttocks...sigh.....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow-- Already?

It rarely snows in NC-- especially in December. But we got a few inches of snow today and we're expecting 4-8 inches total by tomorrow.  Now to my friends in the North, that's piddly.  But to others here in NC...without plows, salt trucks, etc.-- that's a show stopper.
As it first started snowing earlier today, Spencer took Bowser for a walk in the dusting.  They both came home soaking wet and tired!  As more and more snow fell, Spencer opted to stay inside.  That's *my* kid after all... 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ugly Ornament Exchange Part 2

Okay-- so if you read my previous entry, you know my team does an ugly ornament exchange.  I thought mine was a winner until I received my ornament from Laura, my teammate in Cincinnati, Ohio. She really outdid herself!

Notice the silver and neon green duct tape, twinkling lights, and a working Elvis centerpiece that plays Blue Christmas--all hoisted up on a toilet paper roll so that this ornament can be the "king' of all ornaments and be the tree topper. And she even used older, fatter Elvis...

I literally laughed out loud when I unwrapped this thing!  This bad boy will be the ultimate in Dirty Santa gifts for years and years...  Thanks Laura!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vegas Baby!

What better way to celebrate Will's milestone birthday than with a trip to Vegas! It was just a quick weekend trip--but we had plenty of time to lose money gambling, spend money shopping, and eat, drink and be merry. Actually Saturday's gambling wasn't too bad, I managed to almost break even for the weekend.  I love me some Roulette....

We toured several of the hotels and did a few of the touristy spots like World of Coca Cola and M&M World. Like usual, the people watching was the best part of Vegas. It's never a trip to Vegas until you spot a cowboy, a tranny, newly augmented breasts and a "wait till he gets in a crowd then farts" kid with a purple mohawk.  I really should market a people watching bingo card.

This was my first trip with Will and he is a wonderful travel companion/pack mule/drink fetcher/tour guide/boyfriend.  I have no idea how I am going to begin my scrapbook--but somehow I will find a way to weave our "you had to be there" moments and goofy pictures.

(click on collage to enlarge pictures)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Will!

It's official. I'm dating an older man. My sweet Will turned the big 4-0 today.  Putting up with me has tempered him so the milestone birthday was a piece of cake.  Actually, there wasn't a piece of cake.  We had the donut dunker thingies at Mimi's Cafe and I gave him an IOU for a cake at another time.  But don't worry-- I promise to keep him spoiled ♥  We have lots of plans coming up this weekend!

He wasn't the only one getting presents today. He INSISTED I open an early Christmas present.  He gave me a beautiful antique Weiss pin. I bet it's difficult for a State boy to embrace Carolina blue, but I, and my pin collection, certainly appreciate his good taste.

Ugly Ornament Exchange

We are doing the ugly ornament exchange at work again this year.  We find the ugliest ornament possible (or make it) and send it to a coworker.  It sounds silly--but the laughs are awesome.  Here is the one I found for this year's swap:

Can you imagine the quality and productivity discussion at the factory about this little gem???

Uhmm Boss, This one is not exactly attractive. In fact, it is damn creepy. Are you sure we should ship it out?

Yes! Some idiot will buy it.

But, did you notice her eye shadow was accidently painted all up under her eyes? Sorta like a 70’s whore version of Alice Cooper.


Did you notice her head garland didn’t match her dress?


Did you notice the bodice of the dress didn’t fit and her boobs hang out the see- thru part?

Yeah—that totally redeems it dontcha think?

Well—why is she holding a stick?

She is an S&M angel—how the hell should I know???

And we even packaged her upside down…..And the printing on the back with the bar code is not centered so whichever loser who actually buys this piece of crap will have to stand in line and hold everyone up in Dollar General while they try to find one to scan—and all of them are printed this way…(true story)


Oh well-- I think it's a winner for the exchange!

Tis the relax a little.

It is a tradition for Mom, Dee and I to go to Myrtle Beach for a weekend to shop at the local Christmas craft show, then to the outlet malls-- and have some casual time oceanfront.  Lots of time to relax--plus we get our holiday shopping knocked out. It was fantastic again this year! I enjoyed  getting almost all my shopping done and Bowser enjoyed the gourmet pet treats I brought him home from my trip. 

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Spencer!

Can you believe my little guy is 9? Yeah, me either...

We had a Pokémon themed pizza party tonight to celebrate!
Since we couldn't find a Pokémon cake anywhere, I got an ice-cream cake with sprinkles, candles and decorations and let Spencer decorate his own cake--HE LOVED IT!