Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lazy 5 Ranch

Will and I took our boys on a little day trip today to Lazy 5 Ranch.  We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed feeding and petting all the animals.

Here are some of our favorite animal photos:

The giraffes and the scottish cows were our favorites to feed.  The Bison were....stinky.  I think the Bison waited until a tour wagon came by to pee or poop.  The boys laughed and laughed....

After we left the ranch, we stopped by Kerr Mill for a quick tour.

The boys enjoyed the park at Kerr Mill despite the cold weather--

What a great way to close out 2009!


lori said...

super cool! great pictures too. happy new year cassandra!

Paula... said...

Looks like a great place - I especially love that Mill. You captured some great photos of the outing.

Shenandoah bed and breakfast said...

This is a best destination for all the family recreation and this is no doubt a fantastic outing and entertainment spot for kids as well.

All the animals are so adorable and these are all the innocent creatures and they are needed our love and kindness for sure.