Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Loving the holidays!

Christmas is all about the meeting up with friends and loved ones.  I was a little slack with getting photos this season but here are a few:

First, here are pics from Christmas dinner out with the Godwins.  We started out at Sir Pizza but sat there for 30 minutes without getting waited on so we packed up our presents and walked over to Pizza Vino.  This makes the THIRD (and last!) time we have left Sir Pizza because we couldn't get service! 
We didn't let it ruin our evening-- we all had a blast and the kids were little angels!

And of course, my first Christmas with Will was wonderful. Despite our dogs not getting along for their Christmas playdate, the evening was still very nice.  His poor little Chi-weenie dog, Lacie, and my big shepherd mix (Bowser) were definitely on Santa's naughty list that evening!


lgodwin said...

You left out the conversation of the evening--
Sir Pizza minion: "Could you not find a table?"
Me: "No, we found a table, just couldn't find a waitress".

You were trying to keep in the spirit of Christmas by being nice "Well, we've already bundled up the kids". Pizza Vino was great though!

gab423 said...

Merry Belated Christmas, Cass! You look Fab, Spencer is Adorable and Will is Hot! Just saying. :)

Paula... said...

Oh no, not good the dogs not getting along!! So glad you had a wonderful first Christmas with Will though :)