Saturday, September 29, 2007

What a difference another day makes!

Spencer is on the mend! Being a mean Mommy this past week and keeping him on bed rest has paid off. He was able to play a little soccer today (goal keeper--no running!) and a little baseball today! He was moved up to the 7-8 year old baseball league and did very well- I was so proud of him!

Soccer was a planned activity but the baseball game was unexpected-- we were talking with the YMCA about possibly moving IV and Spencer to the next league and the next thing I know, they hand us a Braves hat and shirt and put him out on the field! He was sick all week and I was afraid he would be weak, but he played like a champ!

I was really feeling good about my decision to play him up until I saw how much bigger the other kids are, and then I saw how rough they were horse playing in the dugout, and then...gasp... one of the almost nine year olds had the mouth of a sailor with tourettes!! Am I ready for my little guy to be exposed to these ball-playing hoodlums? hahah! I guess I will plant my foldy chair near the dugout, wield a cattle prod and run interference for the rest of the season :-)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Being sick has ups and downs...

Spencer is still battling the infections. He is sick enough to have very limited activity but well enough to enjoy the extra treats and attention. Boppa surprised him with flowers and a stuffed doggy. Mommy bought him a Transformer and a little cell phone toy that makes the most annoying sound ever (what was Mommy thinking????)

Then I turned into BAD MOMMY because I wouldn't let him play baseball tonight. It was worse because I made him dress-out and show up for the team picture and then when his team took the field, he had to take his little asthmatic self to the bleachers. I wouldn't even let him sit in the dugout with the dust. I am officially the meanest Mom ever.

When we got home, I put together his new Richard Petty Radio Controlled Car (another Get Well perk....) and when you turn the car on it automatically goes in reverse. You have to press and steer to drive forward. Because it started going in reverse, my super logical son boomed, "Mommy! You put the batteries in backwards!" Nice, huh?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Poor Little Spencer...

My poor little guy is SICK. I took him to the doctor Monday to find out he had an Upper Respiratory Infection. He stayed home from school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I thought he was better today (no fever this morning) so he went to school--- well-- that didn't stick, they called and said, "He is feverish and hacking. Come get him!" So we went back to the doctor today. He still has the Respiratory Infection and added an ear infection, has lost a pound and a half since Monday, wheezing his little asthmatic self crazy, etc. So we loaded back down in meds and hopefully we can get him well over the weekend.

I am exhausted from the sleepless nights and he is going all exorcist on me with the projectile vomitting (I do paint a lovely picture don't I?)

But look at this picture from tonight... he fell asleep getting a breathing treatment and looks so sweet. Even though around his eyes are dark from being sick, he still looks like a baby when he sleeps and it just melts my heart.

What am I doing blogging? I should be napping with him!!!! In the mean time, please send some healing thoughts Spencer's way!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Girly Girl Weekend

I am back from my Girly Girl weekend! Mom, Melissa (my sister-in-law) and our friend Julie and I spent a long weekend at Seabrook Island, SC scrapbooking our little hearts out. The scrapbooking was fun but the oceanfront humidity and "lovebugs" I could have done without-ha! We had breaks for manicures, pedicures, massages, gourmet meals... total luxury! Oh and I won lots of prizes-- my favorite was winning the "Best Creative Journaling" on a page/layout for my Spam and Mountain Dew party with the Jax girls!

On the way down, we stopped to tour a tea plantation outside of Charleston--very interesting! On the way home, we stopped by Kiawah Island for some shopping.

The humidity flared up my sinus/allergies and asthma-but it was still a wonderful trip. I also came home to a feverish little Spencer, chest cold, tummy ache, all the works-- so I took him to the doctor today. I think this same virus is running through his school right now so we will just have to keep him in bed for another day or so!

It stinks to come back from vacation sick, but I had such a wonderful time that it was worth it!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Go Raptors!

Today was our first soccer game. We didn't score today but Spencer and IV both played very well! I was so proud of my little guys!

Mystery solved!

My RAK from the elusive Sandra was solved-- I now know WHICH Sandra sent me the wonderful gift. I am truly blessed and can I just say that I LOVE my job! Sure, you might hear me moan about a project here or there, but the little things that pop up every now and then make me truly thankful to be working where I can have friends, champions, mentors, and managers--and sometimes....that can be the same person.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A well timed RAK...

So yesterday had challenges, but today was nice. I received a wonderful Random Act of Kindness. My Irish Grandmother would have been proud-- this particular RAK came with a Shamrock charm and blessing (each petal of the Shamrock brings wishes for good health, luck and happiness) plus I received shamrock seeds to reap what I sow-- a garden of reminders-- just what I need.

This WONDERFUL gift came from Sandra...but which Sandra??-- I know two. I am not sure if either Sandra has any idea just how timely this act of kindness happened to present itself today or how touching the charm and verse is to me. I hope to reach out tomorrow and offer my most sincere thank you. In the mean time, I wanted to share this with you, my friends and family. If you haven't reached out in a random act of kindness lately, I encourage you to do so-- you never know just how powerful your gesture will be.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Carolina Kids Club Day: Women's Soccer

We had an AWESOME day at the Carolina Kid's club! We started off with a good breakfast and made an entire day full of events, shopping and fun! It was HOT HOT HOT at the game--even with coats of SPF 50, we all got too much sun! But Carolina beat Yale 4-0 and the players were in a fantastic mood for the meet and greet/autograph session after the game. I think IV met his match with the all the "flirts"-- I have never seen him so shy! The kids club had pizza, drinks, Coldstone Creamery icecream, water bottles, posters, etc. for the kids.

Spencer had an awesome time shopping for new stuff for his room. We are redoing his room from a Looney Tunes theme to a Carolina theme. We found all kinds of treasures today!

Happy Grandparents Day 2007

Spencer was SO excited about giving Nana and Boppa their grandparents day presents this morning! He wrapped them himself--and even wrapped their card! He presented their gifts with lot of hugs and kisses! I loved the little card he made for them!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Soccer practice

Soccer season has begun! Spencer got all new equipment and hit the field totally ready. His foot grew another size and a half and we had to buy all new shoes since two months ago--these little growth spurts seem to always come just when you buy new clothes and/or shoes!

I tell ya- I don't know how Lucy coaches that team. Kids that age are a mess- but every field had the same mix of kids so I guess it is their age.

You have 1 or 2 kids that are generally good and listen to the coach.
Then you have the one little boy that is the "flirt" that does everything he can to get attention from the little girls. On this team it just happens to be my nephew IV. He even bought a PINK soccer ball just so the little girls would want to play with him.
Then you have at least 2 Momma's babies on the team that run to the sidelines every 30 seconds with a new issue.
Then the team brat-- the one that REFUSES to listen to the coach, makes life hell for the other kids and, of course, his Dad stays on his cell the entire time and totally ignores the fact that his kid is on the verge of dethroning Satan.
Then you have one twirler/tumbler on the team-- the kid that really should be in dance or gymnastics but her parents put her in soccer...the one twirling and doing cartwheels on the field the entire time....
And last but not least...the crier. The one that clings to mommy and cries the entire time refusing to participate.
Yep-- That's the 5-6 year old soccer league at our local YMCA folks. Grab a foldy chair and watch the fun. While the other parents are signing up to bring juice boxes for the kids, maybe I should sign up to bring Valium for the coach....

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day 2007!

We had a wonderful Labor Day party filled with fun! The line between family and friends is so blurry, it is just like having one big family at the house most of the time! Instead of the traditional Labor Day cookout, we opted to do a big spaghetti dinner since we have been grilling out all summer. I made a huge pot of sauce and slow cooked it all day. We swam, rode 4 wheelers, then had drinks by the pool late into the evening and laughed until our sides hurt! The kids had a blast playing together.

My brother invented a new litmus test for drunkeness (insert sarcastic roll of eyes here)-- at the last party, he dumped a bucket of ice water off the deck onto Barry (to check reflexes of course!)--This party, he used the long, electric lighter thing we use for candles and snuck up behind Barry and set his arm hair on fire. It smelled SO BAD. Burned hair smells foul!--but here is the kicker-- while the rest of us see Jimmy light Barry up and smell the foul odor-- poor drunk Barry just sits there, doesn't feel a thing and matter of factly declares that the kitchen trash stinks. Uhmm... nope buddy--that smell is all you! Of course the FLAMING jokes were just starting....

Some more pictures:
Julie and Laura 4-wheelin
Mike with his birthday cake
and Barry poolside with Alex (Yes, Alex comes to all the pool parties, she loves the warm air, fresh foods, loud noises and all the attention!)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Blur on two wheels

Spencer spent most of the day riding the trails! A big boy now with new gears, no training wheels and speed that worries a poor mommy..... Boppa can keep up with him but I have trouble keeping up with Little S(granted, I am not exactly a speed demon on the 4 wheeler but I have been known to scare the bejeesus out of Boppa a time or two-haha!) If I ever complain about living in the country, I need to remind myself about how wonderful a day like today was--open air, lots of land and winding trails that keep the entire family having fun!

Happy Caturday!

Just had to share this picture of Kim's furbaby, Baxter, and my little guy--don't they both have the best smile????. Spencer had the best playdate ever last Caturday with Baxter! (photo by K.Salyer)