Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day 2007!

We had a wonderful Labor Day party filled with fun! The line between family and friends is so blurry, it is just like having one big family at the house most of the time! Instead of the traditional Labor Day cookout, we opted to do a big spaghetti dinner since we have been grilling out all summer. I made a huge pot of sauce and slow cooked it all day. We swam, rode 4 wheelers, then had drinks by the pool late into the evening and laughed until our sides hurt! The kids had a blast playing together.

My brother invented a new litmus test for drunkeness (insert sarcastic roll of eyes here)-- at the last party, he dumped a bucket of ice water off the deck onto Barry (to check reflexes of course!)--This party, he used the long, electric lighter thing we use for candles and snuck up behind Barry and set his arm hair on fire. It smelled SO BAD. Burned hair smells foul!--but here is the kicker-- while the rest of us see Jimmy light Barry up and smell the foul odor-- poor drunk Barry just sits there, doesn't feel a thing and matter of factly declares that the kitchen trash stinks. Uhmm... nope buddy--that smell is all you! Of course the FLAMING jokes were just starting....

Some more pictures:
Julie and Laura 4-wheelin
Mike with his birthday cake
and Barry poolside with Alex (Yes, Alex comes to all the pool parties, she loves the warm air, fresh foods, loud noises and all the attention!)


Paula (poncho) said...

You guys certainly know how to party - sounds like a blast :) Ewwww as the burning arm hair though :-P

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I can't believe how much IV and Julie's son look alike! By the way, keep the fire away from Jimmy--he shouldn't be trusted :)!

-Melissa Partin