Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Putting the #5 in High Five!

When Laura and I are together, we usually have "corrected coffee."  A bottle of Irish cream, some flavored K-cups for the Keurig and some Gilmore Girls reruns...and we're all set.

Corretto is Italian for "corrected" and also the common Italian word meaning "spiked (with liquor)".
Corrected or Corretto coffee has a shot of liquor, usually grappa or brandy...or in our case, Irish Cream.

I was making my Christmas List (I bet you're wondering if I checked it twice??) today and I got the idea that it would be fun to get Laura a coffee mug that mentioned Corretto/Corrected Coffee.  I went to Google, typed in corrected coffee and hit image search to browse for coffee related mugs and gifts.

I saw two mugs alright....but not coffee mugs!  Out of 234,000 possible results, a photo collage from my blog of me and Laura was top row, page one, #5,  in the list.

We're the unofficial spokes-hoochies for corrected coffee.  Nice, huh?

Then I got to thinking....there have been some wild nights, crazy parties and unusual happenings over the past  few years-- I might want to make sure our pictures didn't come up with words like cougar, stripper heels, gigantor, bomb treats, anal nails, etc.  Well, technically we go to A.N.Nails---but we call it Anal Nails so I can see how that one could get us mislabeled....
Geez, who knows where things on the interwebs will pop up!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall craft time!

Once again, I am teaching Wednesday night craft classes at church. This week we made slime or gak or goo---whatever you want to call it.  I don't have permission to publish pictures of all the kids so I had to block out some faces--but you get the idea:  it was an ooey gooey messy bit of fun!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fair Play

We had a family outing on Monday to take Spencer and IV to the Greensboro Fair.  It was all fun and games....

...until Spencer rode the "Energy Rush."  ( IV's walk of shame off the ride was probably a smart choice in hindsight!)  Poor Spence got sick as a dog! 

Look at how Nana and Boppa are consoling him, while the rest of us are giggling and taking pictures.  Don't worry--he was fine.  Ten minutes later he was scarfing down a platter at Ghassons for dinner!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Social Calendar...mostly dictated by Spencer

I jokingly say that if it weren't for Spencer's activities, I would have no social life--and looking at my photos from this weekend, I believe it is true!

Well, I guess Thursday night's dinner and wine tasting (Zeto!) with Laura doesn't count as Spencer's activities---but it *did* start the weekend off right! Zeto is unique because they have the wine shop, gourmet foods section, patio, and the vino-matic machines! You get a purchase card and you pre-load any dollar amount you want onto the card.  Then, they have 24 wines (8 wines in 3 machines) where you can buy a taste, a half glass or a whole glass.  Just insert your card, select the button and hold your glass!  Laura and I can confirm that a $10.00 card doesn't get you very far....

Friday night, III and I took Spencer and IV to the Friday Night Bush Hill activities which included the casting contest (our boys stink at that, although IV was interviewed and had his picture taken for the paper--look for it this Thursday!) and the Bike Rodeo. 
The Bike Rodeo was cute. They taught bike safety, helmet fitting, Spinz checked the bikes and then the kids rode through an obstacle course while a police officer observed their hand signals. IV couldn't have cared less, but my kiddo-- Mr. Spencer Rules and Regulations Alderin was *ALL* about that class!
Because the road was closed due to the festival, the bank parking lot at the end of the road was empty--so the boys hooked up with a few friends and a pick up game of soccer became the highlight of the entire evening. I got a drink from the Wet Whistle, listened to the band, and just enjoyed the pretty weather until it was time to go home.

Saturday morning started off with a soccer game....of course.  We lost 3-2 but the boys played hard and tough.  After soccer, we went for lunch and the afternoon Bush Hill festivities.  The boys did the expected amount of face painting, hair painting, silly bandz buying, junk food eating, etc.
Later that evening, we all met back at Nana and Boppa's for a team pool party and cookout. We had a great time sitting around after dinner and chatting with the parents and grandparents of the team and all the boys had a blast playing in the pool, eating burgers and hot dogs, watermelon, making sno-cones, playing games and being loud, rambunctious little boys!

Sunday was much easier..... I went shopping with Laura (Hello Sephora and Barnes and Nobles!) and Jimmy and Melissa took the boys to watch the girls soccer team play.  Later we all met up for dinner to celebrate Grandparent's Day with Nana and Boppa!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

Spencer spent Labor Day weekend camping in the mountains with Jimmy, Melissa, IV and Boppa.
Nana and I drove up Saturday morning for a few hours and watched them kayak a little and have a picnic since the weather was beautiful. 

I spent the rest of the long weekend with Will.  And we partied like it was La Bore Day!! We watched TV, tried out the new Keurig flavors, we spent 3 hours shopping in IKEA, and we had a nice dinner out Sunday night. 

Poor Will spent the rest of the time on his knees screwing....

Of course I'm talking about putting together the new IKEA furniture for Spencer's room.  What did you think I meant??!!!

Will put together Spencer's new bedside chest, book shelf unit and large chest of drawers---and never yelled, cussed or lost his temper.  And we're talking IKEA furniture --you know, the decent quality but in a million pieces type!!!  I am sooooooo marrying this man ♥
P.S.  Do you see my State man bowing down in homage to the Tar Heel rug in that top left picture?  Nice, huh?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Canine Lewinsky

Whenever we give Bowser a cylindrical shaped treat, he walks around the house for about 20 minutes with it hanging out his mouth before he eats it (or hides it!) He doesn't do that with any other shaped treat. The doggie cigar look just cracks us up! 

My Fourth Grader

Can you believe I forgot to post back to school pictures?? That's not like me-- maybe I hit my head harder than I thought when I fell....
Anyway, my beautiful little Spencer is a big Fourth Grader this year!  He was excited about going back to school even though he pretended not to be. He was acting all sullen --I even nicknamed him The Incredible Sulk.  Then, the night before school started, I actually saw a little excitement creep into his smile.
In order to preserve these pictures for future embarrassment I need to point out that Spence insisted on wearing his Silly Bandz on a ring on his belt loop (that's how he rolls yo') and his Atlanta Braves Phiten Titanium necklace, combined with an uber-cool Pokemon backpack.  He didn't care anything about the clothes he wore (Just no church clothes please mom!)  He was all about the accessories this year!