Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kickin it!

Tonight was our final soccer game for the Spring--we won 3-0. Spencer and IV both scored goals!
After the game, we had snacks (including my ugly yet yummy butter cupcakes) and Melissa gave out their little trophies. What a great bunch of kids!
Afterwards, we went for dinner and then stopped by Wal-mart for Pokemon cards and then Gamestop -- the boys had gift cards burning holes in their pockets!
Spencer declared that this was the most awesome day ever....but he says that often. That kid is doing alright I guess.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


My mom had a big note on her wall calender that said, "GET COOLERS!!!"
Thinking I was *so* funny, I changed the "l" to a "t" to make it read "GET COOTERS!!!"
It took her a couple days to even notice it--but when she finally did, did she change it? Oh no. She just added "for Cassandra" at the bottom of the note. Damn that woman!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another First for Spencer...

First broken bone!

Spencer had quite a soccer game this morning. He came crashing down chasing down the ball. He immediately started shaking out his hand but jumped up and kept running. Between quarters, it looked like he may have jammed his finger, but he kept on playing--and scored two goals to tie the game. By the end of the game, he was hurting, nauseous, swollen, and the finger was starting to turn purple. Off to the pediatrician....who sent us to the ER for X-rays...who said, "Yep. It's broken."
SO...he missed his baseball game this afternoon--and we spent all afternoon at the hospital. Fun. Fun.
Luckily, it is a clean break at the bottom of the finger and should heal in about four weeks. He will have a little splint until the swelling goes down and then will have it buddy-taped for a month. The splint has a nice, little gel cold pack insert to help with the swelling.
The problem is his hand will be immobile for a while-- no baseball, no freestyle at hip hop class, no goalie at soccer, limited PE at school...and get this: even though he is right handed, he WIPES with his left hand. WHAT??? Seriously. Who does that? Poor kid is going to have to learn some new ambidextrous talents!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Loo Loo Crew

Some of my scrapbooking friends came in for the weekend. We cropped, made cards, worked on jewelry, etc. We went to IV & Spencer's soccer game on Saturday morning. They were playing against my friend Laura's oldest daughter's team so I got to see several friends all weekend! Although the weather was absolutely beautiful, by Saturday afternoon, all of us were snotting, sniffing, coughing, etc. from the surge of spring allergies. I didn't include the picture of me sneezing in the collage to emphasize the allergies, but to show the bruises on my arm from last Sunday's full-contact egg hunt--haha!
Tonight, we closed out the weekend with dinner at LongHorn. Spencer and I shared the Surf and Turf. And by "shared" I mean I was lucky to get two bites of the lobster tail. Why can't he order Chicken Fingers off the kids menu like a normal 8 year old? I tell ya, when when go on the Alaskan cruise this summer, that kid is going to get his $$ worth at dinner....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


IV spent the night with Spencer on Sunday night. Even though I had told them fifteen times to go to sleep, they were still lying in my bed giggling loudly. I stomped back to the bedroom fully expecting to find them farting and holding each others' heads under the blankets and to my surprise...they were laughing hysterically at The Far Side cartoons! It was even more amusing when they would explain to each other why the jokes were so funny... "Get it IV? The deer has a birthmark that looks like a bullseye. BWAAAHAHAHAHA"
It was a proud moment.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Team Alderin: Eggs-tremely fun

Happy Easter friends!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Spencer and I spent Friday night goofing off in Chapel Hill, shopping and having fun. Saturday, we dyed eggs and had dinner and movies with the family.

Sunday, the Easter Bunny accidentally left a lame Easter Basket. Spencer was mildly disappointed that the Easter Bunny did not realize that he already had the Thomas the Tank Engine cars and the dinosaur toys that were left. The gift card to GameStop and the new bird house were hits at least. The Easter Bunny needs to pay attention....

After church, we went to Mom and Dad's for our traditional Easter Egg hunt. We are the only family who has a full contact egg hunt. The smack talk, the bashing, the tripping, the shoving, the tackling, the egg tossing, the full hip checking into the's not for the weak or the meek. An it's not about the $$$--it's all about the bragging rights.

Spencer had on his "lucky" boxers and made a special T-shirt with Team Alderin on the front and Team Wright as the losers on the back.

For as long as the tradition has been around, Team Alderin has NEVER lost....until this year. It's Obama's fault. All this "Change" has trickled down to our egg hunt.

Mom and Dad hid 77 eggs in their front yard.

I found 20 eggs ($21.00 and 2 lotto tickets)
Spencer found 16 eggs ($23.00 and 1 lotto ticket)
Jimmy found 17 eggs ($23.00 and 5 lotto tickets)
Melissa found 15 eggs ($31.00--good thing she found that $20.00 bonus, huh?-- and 7 lotto tickets)
IV found 9 eggs ($21.00)

Team Alderin found a combined 36 eggs and Team Wright found 41 eggs-- not too bad for two vs. three, right?
Well, not really. We found less money. Even though I found more eggs, I found less money!Not counting Lotto tickets, Alderin got $44 and Wright got $75. But notice in the pictures, Mom still hides the giant "special" eggs for Melissa since she is "egg challenged." Since the heifer actually won this year, she doesn't get special treatment any more! Even playing field from now on!

The lotto tickets are for Wednesday, April 15. The only solace I could get from losing to my brother would be to hit the lotto on Wednesday. And oh yeah, I would do the "suck it" dance all the way to the lotto office with my Easter egg basket on my head and my Team Alderin shirt updated to read, "Don't call it a comeback....."

But yeah, the likelihood of hitting the lotto is pretty slim. We should just gear up for Team Alderin in 2010!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


What a game! I can barely sit still long enough to update my blog!!
Thanks to all my friends from all over the country texting me during the game and sending my team good "mojo".
Thanks to Kristin for wearing her lucky Nebraska sweatshirt for me.
Thanks to all the cool CONGRATS emails after the game.
Seth Davis can suck it. (normally I like the guy....)
Spencer and I are making plans for a run to Franklin Street for championship T-shirts!
On a side note-- I love that kid. I let him stay up late and watch the first half of the game. He put on his lucky T-shirt. Got out his lucky mascot. Sat beside me on the chair and cheered, high fived, argued calls and was into the game like any other true blue fan. I'm raising that boy right!