Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hey Thursday-- Quit acting like Monday!

What a day.

I had my Mobile Meals route this morning with my mom.   The direction sheet had five (yes 5!) navigational errors. By the grace of GPS we managed to get through the route...only about 30 minutes later than normal.
The instruction sheet had other errors, too--not just with directions.  They told me one client was blind.  Okay.  So I take him his food...carefully describe his meal and everything being delivered only for him to blankly stare at me and LOUDLY yell that he was partially deaf and didn't hear a thing I said.  It was then that I noticed he was NOT blind. Awkward-- but at least he didn't hear me babble on and on.....

A few houses later I was told the client was hard of hearing and I needed to speak loudly.  So I go to the door and boom in my loudest voice....only to be asked to keep my voice down that I was scaring his cats. Yeah... I think they got that note attached to the wrong address.

So..after Mobile Meals, I make my way through work.  At 5:00 I put on the batch of chicken and dumplings I made last night.  While it started to heat I went to get the swiffer...and the phone rang...all hell broke loose on a project at work.  About 20 minutes later I get off the call and smell this:
Scorched my dadburn chicken and dumplings!  All that work slow cooking the chicken -- cleaned , cooked, cubed...even made my own chicken stock and damn if I didn't burn it while reheating it.  I may have ruined my pan, too.  And the burned smell...ughh!

I think it is time to call it a day.....and have sandwiches for dinner....and break out a Lush bath bomb and a glass of wine.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Treats from Down Under

I received the most wonderful care package today from my beautiful friend, Paula.  Paula lives in Australia and is one of the most creative people I know.  She sent an awesome assortment of Aussie goodies. We cut most of them up into bite sized tastes and the entire family gathered to have a Down Under Confectionery Tasting.
We each had our favorites:  Spencer's favorite is the Red Skins, Joe liked the Wagon Wheel the best,  Will likes the Cherry Ripe the best and my favorite was the Choo Choo bar!  My goodness we have fun tasting and ranking the candies-- Thanks Paula, YOU ARE AWESOME!

Wrecklica Night!

Laura and I went to Concord Mills this past Thursday for the Cake Wrecks tour.  It was a great girls night out!
Laura and I both made wrecklica cupcakes. Mine was an easy one-- I did the mice and cheese.  The chocolate sprinkles are a nice touch, eh?
Laura made the infamous Dora head in the box-- and it was FABULOUS.  How fabulous? Well she won the contest!
We spent the rest of the evening having drinks and snacks at Dave and Busters while playing all kinds of silly games and celebrating Laura's win!

Where did October go?

How did it get this far into October already?
Oh that's right...every weekend involves this:
If it weren't for Spencer's soccer schedule...we wouldn't have much of a social life. Good thing we enjoy hanging out with the other parents/families of the soccer team. Fall soccer has been very exciting so far-- the team is 6-2 and all the boys are having fun!
After today's game, we all went back to Nana and Boppa's house for a team ice cream social...YUMMY!