Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jen and Scrap +8 or so

This weekend was the summer crop mom hosts for the girls. This time we did a surprise baby shower for Jen (aka the Knocked Up Heifer) and the rest of the weekend was dedicated to scrapbooking, beading and card-making. Obviously by the pictures, it was a very calm girly girl kind if weekend....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday / Father'sDay

Every four years my birthday falls on Father's day (I was born on Father's Day) and this year was one of those years.
A few friends met for apps and drinks on Saturday night and then we went to see Hangover-- we laughed the entire time!!!

Several friends sent me gag gifts--funny books, funny night shirts, embarrassing stuff...typical for my friends.....

Dee made me a small piece of pottery and bought me a summer sun kit from Sephora (awesome!), I got gift cards and $ from family to get new clothes for the cruise, and my buddy, Laura, gave me the requested bag of lime, shovel, bleach, black garbage bags and an alibi---hahah.....actually, it included a bag of limes and a 6 pk of corona.... she is my kind of friend!

Sunday, I hosted the "Danishes with Dad" at church, then went shopping and had lunch with III & IV. Then the entire family met up for dinner to celebrate Father's Day and my birthday. It was fun watching Dad open his Father's Day gifts--he is such a big kid!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Need more ammo!

Spencer had his first real fishing trip this week. Dad took him out to the coast with real poles (not his little Scooby Doo fishing pole) and live bait and the next few hours is a story that will go down in Spencer's Hall of Fame memory book.
Dad said that it was either extremely hot beginner's luck-- or some sort of fate-- but the kid had the fishing trip of a life time.
Dad caught two small,"throw 'em back" fish. Spencer caught 22. Yes--TWENTY TWO!!
One time Dad was helping him bring the fish out of the water and Spencer had TWO fish at one time. Seriously-- he was catching them two at a time at one point! Dad said Spencer got so excited that he yelled, "Quick Boppa! I need more ammo!" Dad laughed and explained that it is "bait" and not ammo-- but with the way Spencer was fishing, they agreed ammo sounded dead-on accurate.
Spencer caught 11 sharks. Boppa let him keep one of the baby ones--which they put in a jar of alcohol for Spencer to preserve in the name of science. And by "in the name of science" I mean take to school and gross out the little girls....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mid week "Up"date

We took Spencer to see "Up" last night. It was really a cute movie--kind of sad in the beginning when the old man's wife dies. Isn't that typical Disney to kill off the female pretty early in the story?
Think about it-- Disney has a problem with females/Mommy figures:

Brother Bear- Mommy bear dies
Cinderella- Mom has died before Scene One
Snow White- Mom has died before Scene One
Bambi- Seriously--don't even go there.
Dumbo- The mama is locked in a cage and taken away from him forever
Pinocchio- motherless with only Geppeto
Sleeping Beauty- raised by three inept aunts
The Sword in the Stone-has a father but no mother
Jungle Book- his surrogate caregivers are father figures
Little Mermaid- Ariel only has her father, King Triton
Beauty and the Beast- only has a father, no Mommy
Aladdin- Jasmine only has a father, mother presumed dead
Chronicles of Narnia- no mother
The Goofy Movie- Max and Goofy are motherless AND(Max’s heartthrob, the Girl Next Door, has only a father)
Pocahontas- No mother
The Wild- No mother
Chicken Little- Dead mother
Hunchback of Notre Dame- Mom was killed before Scene One
Atlantis: The Lost Empire- mom is assimilated (dead)
Lilo and Stich- mother dies in car crash
Peter Pan - orphaned
The Fox & The Hound- mother is killed by hunters
Herbie: Fully Loaded- no mother
The Rescuers- absent mother
The Great Mouse Detective- no mother
Enchanted- mother is dead
Tarzan- no mother
Nemo-The mommy is eaten at the very beginning of the movie!

Okay--off my maternal soapbox. The movie was cute and the boys enjoyed it.

I also had my physical yesterday. I am the healthiest I have been in 15 years--YAY ME!!! I feel great!

To round out my mid-week update, one funny "Spencer-ism." We were at the grocery store and Spencer was helping me put the groceries on the checkout belt. He picked up the pouch of tuna. His entire face lit up and he smiled, "YAY! Mom bought Sushi !!!"The people behind me cracked up. What does my kid know about sushi?? I don't eat it. To my knowledge, Spencer has never eaten it. I had no idea he even knew the word. I guess that is something he and Nana share??? If so, the poor kid is going to be sorely disappointed to find out that it is cheapass tuna and not a fine roll of sushi!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Spencer & IV's Pool Party

click on the collage to enlarge the pictures
Spencer and IV had a pool party today and invited a few friends to celebrate the end of the school year. Just an entire afternoon of relaxing by the pool and watching the kids play. Plenty of snacks and drinks for the parents of course...

The kids loved my beach teddy graham cupcakes. Some are in little lifesaver floats, some are on fruit roll-up rafts, some are chilling out on a fruit roll-up towel, on some crushed graham cracker sand under a little drink umbrella. Using glitter decorator icing and the tips of toothpicks, I drew swim trunks and little bikinis on the teddy graham crackers-- the kids thought it was hilarious!

Supplied with noodles, water guns, goggles, beach balls and layers of sunscreen, the kids played hard and I bet each of them fell asleep as fast as Spencer did tonight!