Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mid week "Up"date

We took Spencer to see "Up" last night. It was really a cute movie--kind of sad in the beginning when the old man's wife dies. Isn't that typical Disney to kill off the female pretty early in the story?
Think about it-- Disney has a problem with females/Mommy figures:

Brother Bear- Mommy bear dies
Cinderella- Mom has died before Scene One
Snow White- Mom has died before Scene One
Bambi- Seriously--don't even go there.
Dumbo- The mama is locked in a cage and taken away from him forever
Pinocchio- motherless with only Geppeto
Sleeping Beauty- raised by three inept aunts
The Sword in the Stone-has a father but no mother
Jungle Book- his surrogate caregivers are father figures
Little Mermaid- Ariel only has her father, King Triton
Beauty and the Beast- only has a father, no Mommy
Aladdin- Jasmine only has a father, mother presumed dead
Chronicles of Narnia- no mother
The Goofy Movie- Max and Goofy are motherless AND(Max’s heartthrob, the Girl Next Door, has only a father)
Pocahontas- No mother
The Wild- No mother
Chicken Little- Dead mother
Hunchback of Notre Dame- Mom was killed before Scene One
Atlantis: The Lost Empire- mom is assimilated (dead)
Lilo and Stich- mother dies in car crash
Peter Pan - orphaned
The Fox & The Hound- mother is killed by hunters
Herbie: Fully Loaded- no mother
The Rescuers- absent mother
The Great Mouse Detective- no mother
Enchanted- mother is dead
Tarzan- no mother
Nemo-The mommy is eaten at the very beginning of the movie!

Okay--off my maternal soapbox. The movie was cute and the boys enjoyed it.

I also had my physical yesterday. I am the healthiest I have been in 15 years--YAY ME!!! I feel great!

To round out my mid-week update, one funny "Spencer-ism." We were at the grocery store and Spencer was helping me put the groceries on the checkout belt. He picked up the pouch of tuna. His entire face lit up and he smiled, "YAY! Mom bought Sushi !!!"The people behind me cracked up. What does my kid know about sushi?? I don't eat it. To my knowledge, Spencer has never eaten it. I had no idea he even knew the word. I guess that is something he and Nana share??? If so, the poor kid is going to be sorely disappointed to find out that it is cheapass tuna and not a fine roll of sushi!


Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

Sushi! I love it!

I couldn't agree with your synopsis of motherless movies - which is probably why I've like Toy Story so much - Single Mom thank you very much - buying a house, caring for her kids and being cool! Who doesn't want to go to Pizza Planet!

Robyn said...

I liked up and never thought about the mother thing until you mentioned it. Though in Narnia I thought the mother dropped them off at the house. And in Lilo at least the parental figure is a female.

Cheri Pryor said...

You realize this whole post just gives Christy ammunition to get up on the soapbox with you, right? lol! I really think you ought to take that kid to have some raw fish. What's the matter with you?

Amy said...

I thought the saddest part was when they found out they couldn't have a baby. Sniff, sniff.

I can't stand tuna fish, but love sushi. Maybe it's time to get him some training wheel sushi? California Roll is a good starter.

Leslie said...

wow there are a lot of absent mother's in way too many Disney films. but I must correct you on the Chronicles of Narnia...there is a mother but she sends her kids off on the train in the beginning and you don't see her again after that. LOL

Amy Chomas said...

Dang! What did Disney have against moms? Wonder if he was abandoned as a baby???

Our little family said...

I am so glad that you had a great check-up with the doc. Yea you!!!