Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend update!

First, Norm is doing better! His BUN (kidney function) is improving so we are going to continue with the fluids. He is feeling better and--what a relief for all of us!

Saturday was the Red Hat hoe down. There were lots of other Pink Hats at this event and all of us had a fantastic time!

Sunday was the big cook out and pool party to celebrate Toby's birthday and diploma. It was so nice to just relax all afternoon with friends and family! Toby was a humble guest of honor but enjoyed all the fun!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My poor Norm

My poor little Norm is sick.

He is 14.5 years old-and was eating the food recently part of the recall. The combination of his age and the tainted food has put him in kidney failure. We have taken him to the vet everyday for the past week for kidney flushes, antibiotics, etc., trying to get him better, but so far, my poor little old man isn't making much progress. We are going to try for a couple more days but I can't let my little guy suffer--- keep him in your thoughts and prayers--he really is a sweet kitty.

Spring Break Vacation: Washington DC!

We took a mini vacation to Washington DC over Spencer's Spring Break. Spencer *thoroughly* enjoyed the Natural History museum but was not too impressed with the walking tour. The monuments, Captial building, etc. did not excite him. He was more impressed with the snipers ON TOP of the White House than seeing the White House itself. The metro was fun the first time he rode it, the other times were dull. But the Dinosaur exhibits at the museum made a lasting impression! He "oohed" and "aahed" and "Oh WOWed!" all the way through! He also enjoyed the Mammal exhibits and the IMAX theatre. Oh and did I mention the obscene amount of money spent at the gift shop!!!! That place is more expensive than Disney! It was the perfect mini-vacation-- not too far from home and not too much packed in to our days!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

All is right is his world

Spencer has his Nana and Boppa back from their month long vacation. I don't know who was happier-- Spencer or my Mom and Dad! This past week was bad on my little guy-- he REALLY missed his grandparents!...I knew it was bad when he announced that Boppa was the KING and he was his KNIGHT ?????