Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My poor Norm

My poor little Norm is sick.

He is 14.5 years old-and was eating the food recently part of the recall. The combination of his age and the tainted food has put him in kidney failure. We have taken him to the vet everyday for the past week for kidney flushes, antibiotics, etc., trying to get him better, but so far, my poor little old man isn't making much progress. We are going to try for a couple more days but I can't let my little guy suffer--- keep him in your thoughts and prayers--he really is a sweet kitty.


laurensmom said...

praying for norm.....bless him with good health

LesleMora said...

I'm sorry C, I hope he gets better.

Christinekay425 said...

Cassandra, I am so sorry about your kitty, I hope he makes a full recovery. (((HUGS)))