Sunday, April 19, 2009

Loo Loo Crew

Some of my scrapbooking friends came in for the weekend. We cropped, made cards, worked on jewelry, etc. We went to IV & Spencer's soccer game on Saturday morning. They were playing against my friend Laura's oldest daughter's team so I got to see several friends all weekend! Although the weather was absolutely beautiful, by Saturday afternoon, all of us were snotting, sniffing, coughing, etc. from the surge of spring allergies. I didn't include the picture of me sneezing in the collage to emphasize the allergies, but to show the bruises on my arm from last Sunday's full-contact egg hunt--haha!
Tonight, we closed out the weekend with dinner at LongHorn. Spencer and I shared the Surf and Turf. And by "shared" I mean I was lucky to get two bites of the lobster tail. Why can't he order Chicken Fingers off the kids menu like a normal 8 year old? I tell ya, when when go on the Alaskan cruise this summer, that kid is going to get his $$ worth at dinner....

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Georgina, said...

ooh sounds like you had a fun time