Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

Spencer spent Labor Day weekend camping in the mountains with Jimmy, Melissa, IV and Boppa.
Nana and I drove up Saturday morning for a few hours and watched them kayak a little and have a picnic since the weather was beautiful. 

I spent the rest of the long weekend with Will.  And we partied like it was La Bore Day!! We watched TV, tried out the new Keurig flavors, we spent 3 hours shopping in IKEA, and we had a nice dinner out Sunday night. 

Poor Will spent the rest of the time on his knees screwing....

Of course I'm talking about putting together the new IKEA furniture for Spencer's room.  What did you think I meant??!!!

Will put together Spencer's new bedside chest, book shelf unit and large chest of drawers---and never yelled, cussed or lost his temper.  And we're talking IKEA furniture --you know, the decent quality but in a million pieces type!!!  I am sooooooo marrying this man ♥
P.S.  Do you see my State man bowing down in homage to the Tar Heel rug in that top left picture?  Nice, huh?


Anna Ruth said...

What fun! I'm glad you were able to get Spencer's room put together.

Patti H said...

yeah I would not have had the patience to put together that furniture. He is a keeper!!