Saturday, September 29, 2007

What a difference another day makes!

Spencer is on the mend! Being a mean Mommy this past week and keeping him on bed rest has paid off. He was able to play a little soccer today (goal keeper--no running!) and a little baseball today! He was moved up to the 7-8 year old baseball league and did very well- I was so proud of him!

Soccer was a planned activity but the baseball game was unexpected-- we were talking with the YMCA about possibly moving IV and Spencer to the next league and the next thing I know, they hand us a Braves hat and shirt and put him out on the field! He was sick all week and I was afraid he would be weak, but he played like a champ!

I was really feeling good about my decision to play him up until I saw how much bigger the other kids are, and then I saw how rough they were horse playing in the dugout, and then...gasp... one of the almost nine year olds had the mouth of a sailor with tourettes!! Am I ready for my little guy to be exposed to these ball-playing hoodlums? hahah! I guess I will plant my foldy chair near the dugout, wield a cattle prod and run interference for the rest of the season :-)


LesleMora said...

Huh oh, my oldest threw a word out this afternoon. Oy! Keep the cattle prod handy!

Robyn said...

"Laughing" cattle prod.

Paula (poncho) said...

I hope that's an electric cattle prod!!! ROFL Seriously though, he knows right from wrong and I'm sure he'll be fine IYKWIM.

Nancyroo said...

oh, my! he is such a big boy playing sports!