Friday, September 07, 2007

Soccer practice

Soccer season has begun! Spencer got all new equipment and hit the field totally ready. His foot grew another size and a half and we had to buy all new shoes since two months ago--these little growth spurts seem to always come just when you buy new clothes and/or shoes!

I tell ya- I don't know how Lucy coaches that team. Kids that age are a mess- but every field had the same mix of kids so I guess it is their age.

You have 1 or 2 kids that are generally good and listen to the coach.
Then you have the one little boy that is the "flirt" that does everything he can to get attention from the little girls. On this team it just happens to be my nephew IV. He even bought a PINK soccer ball just so the little girls would want to play with him.
Then you have at least 2 Momma's babies on the team that run to the sidelines every 30 seconds with a new issue.
Then the team brat-- the one that REFUSES to listen to the coach, makes life hell for the other kids and, of course, his Dad stays on his cell the entire time and totally ignores the fact that his kid is on the verge of dethroning Satan.
Then you have one twirler/tumbler on the team-- the kid that really should be in dance or gymnastics but her parents put her in soccer...the one twirling and doing cartwheels on the field the entire time....
And last but not least...the crier. The one that clings to mommy and cries the entire time refusing to participate.
Yep-- That's the 5-6 year old soccer league at our local YMCA folks. Grab a foldy chair and watch the fun. While the other parents are signing up to bring juice boxes for the kids, maybe I should sign up to bring Valium for the coach....

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Gena said...

LMAO...... You are so funny. It is true though!! Destiny is playing again this year. We start in a few days. Good luck! :)