Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Will!

It's official. I'm dating an older man. My sweet Will turned the big 4-0 today.  Putting up with me has tempered him so the milestone birthday was a piece of cake.  Actually, there wasn't a piece of cake.  We had the donut dunker thingies at Mimi's Cafe and I gave him an IOU for a cake at another time.  But don't worry-- I promise to keep him spoiled ♥  We have lots of plans coming up this weekend!

He wasn't the only one getting presents today. He INSISTED I open an early Christmas present.  He gave me a beautiful antique Weiss pin. I bet it's difficult for a State boy to embrace Carolina blue, but I, and my pin collection, certainly appreciate his good taste.


Mama Laura said...

Soooo many angles from which to approach this collage. I shall just leave it be at wishing a happy day to Slick Willie. May he always appreciate the textual harassment we give him.

BTW--is that a DUKE blue sweater?

Anonymous said...
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Patti H said...

Happy Birthday Will!! You are awesome giving Cassandra a gift on your birthday!!

Cheri Pryor said...

OMG!!! I seriously have a broach that looks almost identical to that!! I have to take a picture of it and send to you. It was my Grandma's. Your honey is a cutie-pie for sure and anyone that is disappointed when his first drunk-girlfriend call ends is a keeper for sure! lol!!

Paula... said...

Happy belated birthday to Will. I'm going to leave those "balls" alone I think :-P

What a gorgeous pin too Cassandra - he's a keeper that one!!