Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Cooking, shopping, presents, family and church--- a nice relaxing Christmas Eve.
After church, Spencer put out reindeer food in what's left of the snow in the front yard.  The oatmeal reindeer food was especially yummy to Bowser, he practically tackled Spencer to get to it!

After we fed the reindeer, we set out cookies for Santa. Of course Spencer had to sample a few of the cookies to make sure they were yummy enough for Santa!
This year, Spencer decided to set up a "taste test" and left Coke, Pepsi and Milk to see which was Santa's favorite.

A few years ago, Spencer and I started a new tradition of reading all of our Christmas cards before he went to sleep.  It gives us an opportunity to look at the pictures and/or say something nice about people we don't get to see often.  It helps both of us to appreciate the cards. This year, even our kitty, Inez, wanted to be part of the tradition!


lgodwin said...

So don't keep us in suspense---which one did Santa choose??? If you had a Mt. Dew out there he would have surely gone for that!

Jibran Ahmed Khan said...

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Paula... said...

Yes come on!! Which did Santa prefer??? I think next year Spencer will have to put out a special treat for Bowser to keep him away from the Reindeer food LOL

AshleyS said...

beautiful tradition, and you are looking fabulous!!