Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ugly Ornament Exchange

We are doing the ugly ornament exchange at work again this year.  We find the ugliest ornament possible (or make it) and send it to a coworker.  It sounds silly--but the laughs are awesome.  Here is the one I found for this year's swap:

Can you imagine the quality and productivity discussion at the factory about this little gem???

Uhmm Boss, This one is not exactly attractive. In fact, it is damn creepy. Are you sure we should ship it out?

Yes! Some idiot will buy it.

But, did you notice her eye shadow was accidently painted all up under her eyes? Sorta like a 70’s whore version of Alice Cooper.


Did you notice her head garland didn’t match her dress?


Did you notice the bodice of the dress didn’t fit and her boobs hang out the see- thru part?

Yeah—that totally redeems it dontcha think?

Well—why is she holding a stick?

She is an S&M angel—how the hell should I know???

And we even packaged her upside down…..And the printing on the back with the bar code is not centered so whichever loser who actually buys this piece of crap will have to stand in line and hold everyone up in Dollar General while they try to find one to scan—and all of them are printed this way…(true story)


Oh well-- I think it's a winner for the exchange!


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Mama Laura said...

You forgot that her lower half is missing, which means the red fringe looks like an unfortunate disemboweling has just occured.

Glad I don't work with you. Although, knowing you, this will end up in my stocking anyhow :)

Cheri Pryor said...

Seriously...where the hell is the rest of her body?? I think she morphed out of that creepy statue on your front porch.