Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Wow-- Santa left Spencer all kinds of cool stuff!

Oh..and Bowser and I got some great gifts as well...

After a couple of hours of goofing off at home, Spencer and I went to Nana and Boppa's for our traditional Christmas breakfast and our family Christmas.

Christmas evening was also wonderful-- but I was a slacker and didn't get any pictures.  We had a nice dinner back at Nana and Boppa's house.  Will joined us for dinner. Amanda and Zach stopped by as well. (Shame on me for not getting pictures! )


Anna Ruth said...

Glad all of you had a great Christmas!

Paula... said...

You always have such fun family get-togethers :) Merry Christmas to you all.. I definitely looks like Spencer was on Santa's good list!!!