Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Has it really been a month since I updated my blog?  Has that EVER happened?? Goodness!
And it isn't like I haven't had plenty to talk about... it's just been a blur of activity! Post honeymoon stuff, Dad's surgeries, soccer, work, work work, house projects, etc.  In other

Oh well-- How about I just start fresh with a post about Easter Weekend?

Our boys were quite the egg artists. They enjoyed dying eggs and impressing us with their unusual decorations and colors.
Easter Morning--the tradition stands that the Bunny hides the baskets and the boys have to SEARCH for it.  Spencer found his fairly quickly.  Joe's basket was BESIDE Spencer's but he had a more difficult time with the hide and seek portion of Easter morning--but Will and I enjoyed the snortles!

After diving through their baskets and making a breakfast of candy and junk, the boys were ready to begin their day. After lunch we went to Nana and Boppa's for the traditional egg hunt. (I just had a typo and put tarditional...and debated leaving it...)

In the past, the hunt was full contact and full of hijinks-- not for wussies! This year Mom and Dad had stricter rules about contact and cheating so that the kids could play.
Mom and Dad hide plastic eggs in their front yard with $$ in them. But it really isn't about the $$, it is about the fun and bragging rights. 
The "golden egg" has a $20 bill and the rest of the eggs have $1 bills and $5 bills.  60 eggs (total $130) was hidden.  Yes, I found the $20 egg-- WOOHOO!

My eggceptionally challenged sister-in-law found one egg.  $1.00 egg at that.  She sucks.
My eggstra special husband found 5 eggs.  And yes, I see the irony of his "Epic Fial" T-shirt and his lack of eggs in that totebag!
And yes, I see the irony that I used a wine bag for my egg tote...
The kids all did well!  They found lots of eggs and enjoyed getting some cash of their own.
As normal, it came down to me and my brother.  We both found 13 or 14 eggs each. He has lost about 130 pounds this year where I have gained (mumble grumble) too much weight--but speed doesn't help you in this egg hunt.

After the hunt, we sat around Mom and Dad's living room and counted our money, delivered gratuitous amounts of teasing at the inlaws, and begun smack talking up next year's hunt.

The family balked at a traditional Easter dinner this year, so I made a big spaghetti dinner.  While we were cooking and cleaning, the rest of the family opened the pool and played a little disc golf.  Of course the kids "accidentally" fell (shoved by my brother??) into the cold, nasty pool water. {{{{Shudder!}}}}