Tuesday, March 14, 2006

a wee little excitement

Well let me tell you about our exciting evening last night. I am having some trouble with swelling in my right leg so my doctor put me on a very aggressive schedule of fluid pills since we are leaving for Disney in a few days. Anyway.... I came home with my new prescription. I took my first pill out of the bottle and laid it on the counter. I turned around to get some water out of the door of the refrigerator and when I turned back around (like literally 4 seconds later!) there is Spencer standing in the kitchen (where in the hell did he come from??) and MY PILL WAS GONE!!!!!!!! What? What? What? NO!!!!!!

I *tried* to be calm and asked Spencer if he took the pill that was lying on the counter. In Spencer's defense, I lay a Claritan on the counter for him every morning. Anyway, Spencer just looked at me. Again, I told him, it was very important that he tell Mommy if he took the pill. All of a sudden he started crying and asked if he would get in trouble if he said yes. We assured him that he wasn't in trouble but immediately called the pediatrician on one line and they had poison control on the other line. After checking his weight and the strength of the medicine, they instructed me how to re-hydrate him because that pill would really flush him out at that strength. I was so upset and totally mad at myself--what kind of parent leaves a pill on a counter even for 4 seconds????? Where was my head????

About an hour of crying and beating myself up, I went back in the kitchen and moved a piece of mail on the counter--and THERE WAS THE FREAKIN PILL!!!! I only had one out of the bottle and this was my first prescription so I know it was the ONLY one that could have been on the counter!!!! I showed it to Spencer and asked why he admitted to swallowing it if he really didn't. He said that when I got upset he got confused and then he couldn't remember if he did or not. How's that for a valuable lesson? My emotions can completely skew Spencer's ability to process information. Good to know right? My kid can be convinced he did something he didn't do all the while his daddy is sticking his fingers down the kid's throat trying to get him to vomit a pill he never took. I hate that we all had to go through it, but we learned a few lessons about (1) not leaving pills out. (2) Not letting emotion confuse Spencer (3) the pediatrician thinks I'm a nutcase and (4) Toby can't make Spencer vomit.

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