Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cough Cough Hack Hack and then some fun stuff

Bronchitis. I have had a nasty chest cold and bronchitis. I am so tired of coughing that I want to scream.--but I haven't had a voice in days! My ribs hurt, everyone is tired of my constant coughing and I am exhausted. But I am on my second run of antibiotics, steroids and breathing treatments so I should get better any minute now....

Spencer had his Christmas program at School today and he was SO STINKIN CUTE!!! He sang with his class, gave his teachers presents, had holiday snacks and showed us his artwork. Nana, Daddy and I were very proud of him!

Several kids cried because their parents weren't there. I am very thankful that (1) I have a flexible job and (2) I go even when I feel lousy because I know *this* is what is really important. (3) My family supports Spencer and goes to his baseball, basketball, karate, church, school-whatever. I hope Spencer never feels the sadness that the other little kids felt today when they didn't have a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle--anyone that could come to their special holiday presentation.

Have I mentioned how many goodies have been sent to our house? Nancy made us a HUGE cookie tray with 16 varieties of gourmet cookies. Valerie sent 5 pounds of the creamiest homemade fudge ever! Spencer has gotten treats from school and church. Debbie sent a tin of sugar cookies. Everyone has really enjoyed all the special treats!

The holiday cards are pouring in! We enjoy all the well wishes, cards, letters and pictures! It is wonderful to check the mail everyday. Spencer has put himself in charge of opening all cards. It is really cute!

And a note about cards-- my friend Christy from Florida sent me a card and called me a 'Ho not once, not twice-BUT THREE times on the front of the card! What's up with that?? HAHA!

Well, I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping. Spencer's church program is done and his school program is done. Now it is time for parties with friends and family. If I could get rid of this nasty cough, it would be much easier. In the mean time, I hope all of you are enjoying all the love and fun of the season-- stay safe and be good!

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