Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm thankful for everything (but the indigestion)

Happy Turkey Day! We had a very nice Thanksgiving. We slept in, then Toby ran to Biscuitville and got us breakfast and we watched the parade on TV. I finished up my cooking ( 2 coconut custard pies, an apple cobbler, 2 gallons of sweet tea, and sweet potato casserole) and then we went to Mom's house. I filled up on dressing before dinner and spent the rest of the evening bellyaching with indigestion. Spencer and IV enjoyed helping Nana and Boppa put up their Christmas tree, then we all had dessert and coffee and came home to crash! Seems like it was just Halloween--where did November go?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Little Mr. Scruffy Head

Spencer wants to let his hair grow out. We knew we would encounter this when he was 13ish but not when he is 5!!! He has seen a few older kids with "surfer dude" hair and now Spencer wants his hair longer. But....his hair just looks scruffy and not cute and curly or wispy! I want him to exercise his independence but I'm thinking of Christmas photos, Children's choir, Holiday programs at school, etc.- all the upcoming things where you *really* want your kid to look good...and not a scruffy head. But I already told him that he could wear his hair how he wanted I guess I can't complain, right?

Girls Weekend Away at the Beach

I went to the beach this weekend! Dad kept Spencer and Toby had to work all weekend. We shopped, and shopped and shopped some more. I got lots of Christmas shopping done! We went to a big Christmas exhibition at the convention center and did plenty of outlet shopping. Dee and I fell in LOVE with the bar menu at our new favorite beach restaurant (check out ) We decided we like this place BETTER than Margaritaville! Mom bought me some really cool shirts and a new Christmas pin. The weather was perfect, the oceanfront hotel was nice, the food was delish, and I think all of us laughed the entire time!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Dinner with Valerie!

I was called away quite unexpectedly (on business) to Jacksonville last week-- but luckily, while I was down there, I got to spend Wednesday evening with my friend, Valerie! I toured her beautiful new home, we did a little shopping and then drove down to the beach for dinner. It was so nice to actually have face-to-face conversation! We usually email/IM/phone everyday, so it was a treat to see each other "in real life!" Before coming to the banking industry, Valerie was an elementary school teacher, so she has given me TONS of advice with Spencer!


Halloween was filled with treats and not tricks this year! Spencer had a party at school, another party at his after school care, and then went to our church for Fall Festival and trunk-or-treating. He was the cutest Red Power Ranger there!