Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guessing Games

Has a kid ever shoved something in your face and gleamed, "I made this for you! Guess what it is!"
Hint! If you get it wrong, it hurts their feelings.
If you have absolutely no idea, go for the funny angle: Uhmmm....monkey vomit? your lower intestines? glittered dog turd? dork detector...beep beep beep!!!
Yeah, Spencer wasn't buying any of that tonight. He actually asked if I needed glasses because I didn't know what his little projects were.
Dude, my eyes are fine. Did he just call me old??
Let's see how well you do: (ignore the world map place mat--that's NOT part of his crafts)

Well??? Did you get them? Need some help?

Left to right:
The blue one is Ramses (The UNC Mascot)
The yellow one is a caterpillar
The feathered one is a flamingo
and the one on the right with the hearts is a love bug......duh!


Robyn said...

jeeze Mom, how could you not figure those out:)

Kim said...

First, you ARE old. And second, isn't it great that he made you such sweet things? Love that kid.

Oscar T. Grouch said...

SO cool, I made the huge mistake las tnight of hanging DS alien picture on the the wall upside down. LOL

Leslie said...

well my gosh I knew exactly what those were the whole time...who needed your descriptions! oh okay I did I just saw a mess on the placemat LOL.

Paula... said...

Come on they're as plain as day (to Spencer anyway LOL)

Cheri Pryor said...

Okay...c'mon now that flamingo was spot on!

Spite said...

Ouch. That was tough. I ask before they start doing crazy things what they're making and try to find a youtube vid to instruct them that way I don't get trapped later. As for their teachers at school... GRR!

The teachers should send little notices home about upcoming projects. EEK!