Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today was Spencer's C.A.R.E graduation. CARE is a program the local police department (through United Way) does for all second graders-- I'm not sure how long the program lasts, maybe a few weeks?-- but it is Child Abuse Reduction Effort. It teaches children when to report abuse, inappropriate activity, identify trusted adults in their life and how to get help if needed.
This is the kind of thing that I thought really wasn't that "big" of a deal, but Spencer talked NON-STOP about this special day, sprang out of bed this morning, practiced his special songs all morning and after the program I know he asked me at least 15 times if I was proud of him.
Being that he REALLY felt this graduation was an accomplishment, I played it up and promised a Pokemon celebration and he gets to choose dinner out!
The program is awesome, the police department goes over and beyond to work with the kids and establish trust and I have nothing but kudos for the learning solution ....but that damn mascot is just lame. I guess budget cuts had to hit somewhere??


lydia eve said...

Is that supposed to be something? Or is just a green furry dude?

Lori P said...

congrats! what a great deal!

Kristin K Stock said...

Awesome!! Good job Spencer!

Patti H said...

what a great program all kids need to know this info!! Congrats Spencer