Sunday, August 30, 2009

P.F Who ???

I did it.
After combining a few "copycat" recipes I made what my family feels is the best substitute recipe for PF Chang's lettuce wraps.
Even the "picky" eaters (my nephew, IV) and the constant complainer (my brother, III) enjoyed this dish!
Nothing but full bellies, empty dishes and compliments to the kind of recipe!


Mama Laura said...

Learn something new every day. Jimmy is a complainer? Let me get this straight--YOUR brother? And here he had me fooled. Snicker.

LesleMora said...

Share please! Lettuce wraps are a favorite of mine. Yum.

Anna Ruth said...

Looks great! I'm glad you please the picky eaters.

Patti H said...

funny think we are getting a PF Changs close to us in Buffalo! Love that restaurant but never get to go to one without traveling and we all know how that has been working out for me LOL

Amy said...

You post that pic, but no recipe!?!?
Glad to see you're back on the blog train!

Cheri Pryor said...

What? So no sharing the actual recipe? Selfish!!