Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

For someone trying to learn a new camera, I sure didn't take many pictures on Thanksgiving.  What's was up with me???
Mom, Lucy and I met Holly for lunch, then I finished up some cooking and we all had a great dinner together. Spencer loved having Baylee over for an afternoon playdate.

Thanksgiving meal was wonderful-- I drank some of my Canadian ice wine for dessert and we listened to the rain and storm roll in.  Very relaxing.

I met Will, Jimmy and Lucy at Target at 3am for Black friday shopping-- then Will and I had breakfast and then I came home at about 830 and worked some on Friday.  Later on Friday, Mom, Dee and I met for dinner at Chilis and then went to the movies to see Old Dogs--it was a cute movie!

Spencer is sooooooo ready to put up the Christmas tree so I guess that's what we will do tomorrow.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Amy said...

Oh! I hadn't seen Spencer's longer hair. I love it. Looks like a fun day with yummy food!

Yankee said...

I took no pictures at all on Thanksgiving.

Patti H said...

Your Thanksgiving sounded as busy as mine. My bff and I stayed at the casino Thursday and Friday night. John came and stayed Saturday night. Just got home today. Did the black friday shopping at the outlets. Had a great time and I swear now everything I go to the casino I miss you girls cause I can't seem to find anyone to play roulette with me and it is just not the same playing by yourself kwim?

Cheri Pryor said...

Your son is quickly turning in to a "tween". He's adorable!! Maybe you don't want to hear that. lol!!