Monday, May 03, 2010


Sunday, April 25th, III, IV, Spencer and I drove to Raleigh, picked up Will and Joe and headed to the NC  Museum of Natural Sciences to see the Megalodon exhibit....only to be sorely disappointed.
The rest of the museum was great--but we had seen the rest of the museum several times-- we wanted to see Dinosaur shark fossils!
But instead, we got an educational exhibit, stainless steel recreations and a few oddly placed Starkist Tuna and D&D exhibits. The boys were more impressed with the shark's teeth in the gift shop.... :sigh:

Regardless, a day together goofing off at a museum full of fun things was not a waste-- we had a blast!  Besides, where else can the boys spend a good 10 minutes making fun of fish with "bubba teeth" ?

Our boys were certainly not the first to pose as if picking the statue's nose in the agriculture exhibit, because the paint in the poor thing's nostrils was completely rubbed out! It wasn't all goofing off, we took our time and learned some things as well. 
Will loved the gemstones exhibit, I loved the butterfly room, III liked the sloth, Spencer loved all the animals...and Joe and IV liked the goofy looking fish.

After a full day of museum fun and gift shop browsing, we hit the mall (Lego Store!) and then dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  Despite Megalodon being mega-lame, it was a great day trip!

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LesleMora said...

Okay, I'm going to have nightmares after seeing the those jaws. :whimper: