Thursday, May 27, 2010

K-Cup Junkie

In my 20's, it was cool to have the party blender--and all the mixers to make the fun "TGIFriday-esque" drinks... pffffhhhhht--how 90's is that?

Now, I'm da bomb dot com because of my Keurig.
And my big ass basket of K-cup choices....
And coffee syrups, liqueurs, frothers and toppings...etc....

Coffee drinks are the tea leaves of this century. You can tell a lot about a person about how they fix (or order!) their coffee.  For instance...if a certain person digs through the k-cup basket for 10 minutes and then gets REALLY excited to find the last Pecan Praline flavored k-cup, then proceeds to add a ton of Kahlua to the coffee anyway and therefore can't taste the flavor he was so excited to find...that would indicate a bit of goofy right?

Thousand Trails

Last weekend, I went to a retreat at Thousand Trails campground near Mocksville NC.  We stayed in little cabins on the lake, I fed geese and a bunch of us met up at the conference center and crafted our hearts out-- some scrapbooked, some made cards, some quilted, some made bags...Mom and I made jewelry.  It was fantastic! I could get spoiled to such weekends....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ready? Set? Wait.....

After 8 weeks of post surgical recovery, I returned to work today! 
Well, kind of.  It took ALL DAY to reset my ID and access it was a day of waiting. 
The highlight of my day was a surprise floral delivery from Valerie!  She made sure my desk was nice and cheerful for my first week back. Thanks Val! (I don't care what everyone else at the bank says about you, I think you're awesome...)

It's all about me today

Mother's Day 2010-- my sweet little Spencer made me the cutest card and calendar and gave me a beautiful potted flower.  Later that evening we all met up at Nana's for a Mother's Day cookout.  A very nice day indeed!

Lego My Wallet

Will and I took the boys to the Lego Brick Magic event this past weekend at the North Raleigh Hilton.
Brick Magic is an event where kids and adults try to out-nerd each other and spend as much $$ as possible on over priced tiny pieces of plastic.

I have to admit, the designs/displays and the Lego vignettes were pretty cool.  Spencer and Joe were loving the vendors and picking out cool Lego people that they can't find in stores.  Will and I were happy to find a Starbucks in the hotel lobby...

Monday, May 03, 2010

Totally Adorkable

This is what "Hey! Let me get a cute picture of the two of you" means when interpreted by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum...

But geez... ..I *think* I know where they get it from.....

Orange you glad we won?

Spring 2010 soccer came to a close this week.  After several exciting games--and a 4 game scoring streak by Spencer, our little Tornadoes went from 6th place in the season to coming in 2nd in the tournament. 
Yes, that means we made it to the finals but lost; however, it was an amazing learning experience for the kids and a serious amount of fun for all the parents/grandparents/supporters.
Parents were rewarding each other's kids, everyone was pitching in to help the team, we had the team's hair painted orange for the finals, war paint on their faces, ice cream parties, pizza parties, cheers and celebrations--the kids got a taste of WINNING and it was addictive!


Sunday, April 25th, III, IV, Spencer and I drove to Raleigh, picked up Will and Joe and headed to the NC  Museum of Natural Sciences to see the Megalodon exhibit....only to be sorely disappointed.
The rest of the museum was great--but we had seen the rest of the museum several times-- we wanted to see Dinosaur shark fossils!
But instead, we got an educational exhibit, stainless steel recreations and a few oddly placed Starkist Tuna and D&D exhibits. The boys were more impressed with the shark's teeth in the gift shop.... :sigh:

Regardless, a day together goofing off at a museum full of fun things was not a waste-- we had a blast!  Besides, where else can the boys spend a good 10 minutes making fun of fish with "bubba teeth" ?

Our boys were certainly not the first to pose as if picking the statue's nose in the agriculture exhibit, because the paint in the poor thing's nostrils was completely rubbed out! It wasn't all goofing off, we took our time and learned some things as well. 
Will loved the gemstones exhibit, I loved the butterfly room, III liked the sloth, Spencer loved all the animals...and Joe and IV liked the goofy looking fish.

After a full day of museum fun and gift shop browsing, we hit the mall (Lego Store!) and then dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  Despite Megalodon being mega-lame, it was a great day trip!

Spring 2010 Crop

Our latest Loo Loo Crew Crop was at the end of April (yep, I'm behind on the blog again!) --and it was FABULOUS!  We had lots of fun, great eats, laughs and actually got lots done.  Perfect Girly Girl weekend!