Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hell Yeah...With a capital L

Last week, I met Lesley and Pam for dinner and drinks. We have known each other for years-- through job changes, births of children, divorces, marriages, bad hair-colorings, many bottles of wine and even more books...and odd containers of fat-free sour cream (what's up Lesley!)

When we were paying for our dinner, we commented on purses (usual girl talk) and I admitted that I was already using the new purse my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas even though I have a couple more months until the new initials embroidered on it are correct. Lesley teased me saying, "Wow. You're pretty confident aren't ya?"

On the drive home, I got to thinking about it-- it never even dawned on me that it could be presumptuous.  That's a good thing. In about 64 days, the embroidery will be correct and yeah, I'm confident about it.  There are several of things I am not confident about--we have several decisions and changes, but the happily ever after part is solid.
So now, every time I pick up my purse I hear Lesley's voice saying "Wow. You're pretty confident aren't ya?"  and I just smile, put it on my arm and say "Damn Straight!"

Now where did I leave my keys and phone?


Amy said...

Cute purse! Is it from 31? And yay for the confidence!

Yankee said...


Anonymous said...

Good for you!!!!
Now, where did Lucy get the purse? I want one!

Cheri Pryor said...

Well, of course! You go, girl!

Patti H said...

damn right!!