Friday, February 18, 2011

Reason # 483 why I should work on my scrapbooks

Check out this picture from 1983:

Sorry it is so blurry- my scanner isn't working so this is a picture of an old picture.
But TOTALLY blog worthy!

  • On the left is my Aunt Charlotte. She's laughing really hard and if my little brother wasn't in this picture I bet she just launched a spicy innuendo. Aunt Charlotte made "that's what she said" jokes waaaaaaayyyy before Michael Scott. I'm digging her Delta Burke/Designing Women hair, right?
  • Beside Charlotte, is her husband , Slim.  Even as Slim aged and packed on some weight....we still called him Slim.
  • Front and center is my Grandma--and my little brother, Jimmy.  Yes, Little Jimmy and Spencer look a lot alike! His toothless laugh cracks me up. 
  • And the pièce de résistance of this picture:  My Mom and Dad.  Dad has the Eddie Rabbitt bouffant going on and my Mom is rocking an ET shirt. And no she is not wearing a helmet...that's her hair. 
And now your Friday is complete!


Kimberly said...

Cass, this is an awesome picture! Everybody looks so happy, I love it!

Mama Laura said...

I thought for a second that your mother was you! Blame it on the blur-:). Boppa had mad swagger too! And why am I not surprised that Jimmy's mouth is open?

Brenda said...

pay back so they say is HELL, you're in trouble girly

Patti H said...

ha ha thanks for the giggle Cassandra