Monday, May 02, 2011

GO FAR Little Spencer!

Spencer ran the Go Far 5K in High Point this weekend along with IV, Jimmy, and several of our friends.  It was his first marathon.  I begged him to add a "T" to his T-shirt so it said GO FART-- but he wouldn't.  Geez.

Anyway-- my little 10 year old, 73 pound goofball of a son actually came in 25th in a race of 1269 runners.  He was the first kid in his school to finish--and he averaged a 7:21 mile and finished the 5k in 22:46.   I know next to nothing about running, but from what I gather, he had a pretty impressive race.

IV also did EXTREMELY well and placed 214th with a finish time of 29:07 / 9:24 mile average.
My brother-- who has lost about 130 pounds in this past year ran for the first time without any training and managed to place 410th with a finish time of 32:47/ 10:35 mile average. We think it was his special day glow running shoes!

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Our little family said...

Way to go Spencer!

I would have been passed out 1/4 mile in. LOL!