Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Our Patriot's Day weekend ended up being a weekend of rest-- which was greatly needed.  We went to Spencer's soccer game Saturday morning and enjoyed watching the team have a fantastic game and a solid win.

I was sick all weekend with a head/chest cold so we skipped the Bush Hill festival (sadly) and came home and watched football all afternoon and rested. Will and Joe went to The Flaming lips concert on Saturday night---again I stayed home and slept.  (Codeine based cough syrup is a helluva mistress....)

Sunday, we missed the 9-11 tribute concert because again, I just stayed home and slept, snotted, coughed and complained....but we managed to see Nana and Boppa for a little while so Spence could celebrate Grandparent's Day.

Lastly, we celebrated Bowser's third birthday. Each year, we celebrate with an ice cream cone.  Lacie doesn't tolerate non-doggie food well, so she got a tiny ice cream.  Bowser wolfed his down quickly and then went to each person begging for their's! He also got a smoked meat knuckle (gross, right?) earlier in the week for his birthday.

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Paula... said...

You poor thing - I hope you're well and truly better now! I can't believe you'd had Bowser for three years already!!!