Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Reflux Warrior

Although Spencer has had reflux all his life, a few months ago his meds stopped working.  We were referred to a specialist at Brenner Children's Hospital and the new specialist ordered an endoscopy and a 24 hour sensor tube.  Finally, we will get some answers and Spencer will stop having so many issues!
Even though it is a little too small, Spencer wore his lucky shirt to the procedure:
His shirt says, " Go Ahead And Push Me Around But You Ought To Know I've Got the Meanest, Baddest NANA in town!"
I knew the endoscopy and biopsies would be quick and painless for my little man but general anesthesia is always a bit scary. I watched the anesthesiologist start to push the meds in his IV and as I went to tell Spencer I loved him he was already out BEFORE they finished putting his meds in the IV!  It scared me a little and I tearfully went to the waiting room and sat with my family.

In less than 30 minutes, Spencer was in recovery. He had an airway apparatus in his mouth because they said he snored like a freight train during the procedure.  For a slim kid without adenoids that little guy can snore!
He looked so small and helpless.  I wanted to hold him.....but NO ONE could get near his hospital bed.  Nana and Boppa set up like protective gargoyles-haha!

After the recovery time passed, the nurse gave us permission to try to wake him.  Whew! That took a while.  Poor little man was sleepy, confused, frustrated and his nose was itching like crazy--but with the sensor tube in place he couldn't scratch it.  We were all trying to help him!

After x-rays, Spencer came home with the sensor tube in place. The tube was uncomfortable and he was miserable.  He had trouble eating and it wore a blister on his nose where it rubbed.  He was more than ready to return to the hospital the next day to have it removed.
Now, he is home, just ate dinner and is playing xBox.  Despite the make up work from missing three days of school, he is happy.  We found out that he doesn't just have reflux, he has Eosinophilic Esophagitis as well.  We still have biopsies and sensor results to get so it will be about a week before we know anything else. The good news is that Eosinophilic Esophagitis can be treated with medication. Hopefully we will get the rest of the results soon!


Brenda said...

The Hounds of Hell know better than to take on this Nana. Nana's rule!

Paula... said...

Good news for Spencer :) he's such a trooper isn't he :)