Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!

Easter weekend was wonderful here at Team LA. (Linthicum / Alderin) Spencer and Joe kept us "hopping" all weekend.

Friday evening, Mom, Will and I went to Raleigh to pick up Joe.  We did a little shopping at Crabtree Valley (LUSH!) and had a yummy dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Spencer stayed home for some time with his Boppa!

Saturday, we smooshed lots of fun into a single day--- cooking/prepping for Easter, Disc Golf at the park, egg hunt at Nana and Boppa's, dinner out at our favorite Chinese joint, dying Easter Eggs and some hilarious rounds of Apples to Apples.

Although we missed Jimmy, Melissa and IV at the egg hunt, I have to admit, there were no hunt related injuries this year since my brother was gone! Spencer found the special egg (with the $20 bill in it) and he found the most eggs (23) during the hunt.  I came in second with 10 eggs, Joe found 4 eggs and  Will only found 2 eggs. Yes, you read that right...the 11 year old found 23 eggs and Will found 2. Sigh.
Dying eggs later that night was fun---and little Miss Galaxy was all up in everyone's business.  We had to lock her in the bedroom to keep her out of trouble!
Easter morning was very relaxed.  The bunny always hides the baskets so it took a few minutes for the boys to find their treats.  This is the one day of the year we allow the boys to have candy for breakfast.
We had lunch at Will's sister's house and then we came home that afternoon and I cooked Easter dinner for us, Nana and Boppa.  Spencer's allergies hit him full blast and he puttered out mid day.  He napped all afternoon, fell asleep WHILE CHEWING during Easter dinner and then slept until 9:30, woke up to open his Easter basket from Nana and Boppa, ate a few Oreo cookies and then went back to sleep until 11:30 the next day!

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