Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love in February

Valentine's Day was more like Valentine's week for us.  Not because of extravagance or anything but because we love an excuse to indulge in fun.

We have had lots of celebratory dinners out with family and friends, flowers and chocolates, we had a couples massage.... ahhhh! Wonderful!

We took the boys to the GTCC Observatory last weekend.  What a fun, FREE family outing.  I think our favorite part was looking at the craters on the moon-- the stars and planets were fun, but the moon was the most interesting.

During the tour at the Observatory, we encountered  twelve year old, genius twins.  Seriously-- they were taking the SAT the next morning and heading to college next year.  At first we thought they were just weird, hyper, unruly kids....but then they started correcting the astrophysicist leading the tour. Their scout leader told us about their "unique" intelligence-- WILD!

Our Valentine's gift to each other was a couples massage.  This was Will's first massage so he was a little anxious.  He took a xanax ...and 3 Gas Ex tablets to ensure it was a pleasant experience for everyone involved--haha!
 He LOVED the massage--and fell asleep three times (snores!). 
But, I need to tell y'all about the little prank I pulled on Will.
I had told him that he needs to be naked for the massage but they will keep everything covered except the area they are working on.  As I joke, when we went from the serenity room to the massage room I kept my panties on.  When we both dropped our robes to get on the tables, he saw I was still wearing my panties and he was nekkid he gasped and spat "I thought you said I had to be naked!!" I pretended to grimace and said, "Eww!  You dirty pervert!  Did you think I was serious?"  He jumped for his robe and was headed out the door to go get this undies when I stopped him and told him I was joking and we would both be naked.  He was NOT amused.  I, however; laughed so hard I nearly had an asthma attack. funny Valentine!

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