Monday, September 23, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, Spencer and IV moved up into 4 wheelers from their little motorcycles (that they had majorly outgrown!)  They have riding gear and have been taught how to ride safely----but evidently they weren't 100% sure where the property line stopped nor did they bother to ask.  They ended up making a path down the property line into the neighbors land.  And that neighbor is the type to make a big deal.   Keep in mind, that we live in the county and everyone down in our "neighborhood" has at least 5 acres of land--so it isn't like they did donuts in a flower bed.  BUT--- they DID mess up a section of her yard at the property line.  Boppa got the supplies and Jimmy got out the tractor and the boys had some manual labor cut out for them to repair and reseed.  Spencer came home exhausted and filthy. I am fairly certain they don't want to be landscapers when they grow up!

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