Thursday, May 04, 2006

Arthur Itis plays 3rd base for the Y?

Oh snap! I laughed my rump off tonight! Toby and Jimmy are playing softball for a YMCA league. It is made up of 25-49 year olds-- most of which are in their early 30's. You should see these guys get ready to go on the field!!! I have NEVER seen so much icy hot, ibuprofen, wraps, braces, packs, splints, supports and bandages in one place in my life! I bet the special olympics and Jerry's Kids combined have less medical equipment than these "athletes." The team that played after our team showed up an hour early *just* to start putting on all their supports and braces! We watched a poor guy wiggle, squirm and eventually pour himself into a hamstring support-- which by the way looks like my granny's old thigh girdle!

Everything about this entire evening was silly. I think I laughed the hardest when one guy walks up to another guy and says "Hey man! I guess you have big party plans for tomorrow with it being cinco de mayo and all!?" and the other guy looks right at him and says, "FOR THE LAST TIME! I'M CUBAN-NOT MEXICAN!!!!"

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