Monday, August 06, 2007

Scraptastic Weekend!

I went to Creating Keepsakes-Charlotte this past weekend and had a wonderful (but BUSY!) time! I spent more at the Vendor Faire than I had planned. But that's part of the fun.

All 5 of my classes were awesome. Jessica Sprague taught two of my classes. I won a prize in one of her classes and she gave me an autographed copy of her CK book: Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking. I also won a prize in the SEI class (a pack of Rub ons.) I won a drawing at the vendor faire from Paper Crafts (a cookbook/card magazine.)

With all of the crowds, classes and hectic schedule, I didn't find Snookie or Jim (maybe Next Time!) I am happy for all the "Festers"-- you girls rock!

On the home front, Dad had an up and down weekend. He is still having "pacing" issues with his heart and ended up at the ER for a few hours on Sunday. The good news is that it regulated back out. The better news is that the irregularity was caught on an EKG (and other tests) so the proper specialists can look for different treatment solutions.

We ended a great weekend last night with a family dinner, then I practiced sight words with Spencer in preparation for school starting in a couple of weeks. Then (reluctantly) he watched Nanny McPhee with me and fell to sleep. Despite the complaining, I think he really enjoyed the movie!


Faith said...

LOL...I was there but I didn't see you. Which classes did you take? I only took two this year and I felt much more relaxed...LOL. Both of mine were simple scrapbook classes (frames and magnetic) but I did get to meet jessica sprague when I ran into her out in the hall....*grin*

Leslie said...

sounds like a fun time!