Thursday, August 02, 2007


Guess what I got birth certificate! Can you believe that ALL this time I never had my *real* birth certificate??? Anyway...I'm off to the passport office. I can start making plans now! Plans with Mom..plans with friends..plans with Spencer (you know how my little guy LOVES to travel!) Yay!

And..just a shout out to the "festers" (you know who you are)..Just want to say "Safe Travels" to you all!!!


Leslie said...

you're gonna have a wonderful cruise! Cozumel is one of my fave places to go!!! If you have plenty of time there in port I'll have to give you a restaurant suggestion. Belize is another place I'd love to go to...DH would love the diving there I'm sure so we may plan to do that (I'll have to hear what you thought of it).

wish you were a secret jazzer at the fest! I hope to have a blast.

Paula said...

You go girl - get out there and have fun :)

Gena said...

Hey Belize is beautiful. My father n law went. The pics were breath taking. He said they had a blast. I am still trying to get up my nerve to get on a ship. lmao. Rodney wants to take me but i am a chicken!!! Lemme know how it was. Love to you and Spencer always