Saturday, July 28, 2007

Typos suck.

I made a stupid typo at work today. My email should have said "The data was gathered from the general population." I was in a hurry and I abbreviated population to "pop." or so I thought... I somehow added an extra "o" and spell check is NOT your friend in this type of situation. So-- it read, "The data was gathered from the general poop."

Just when I thought, "maybe no one noticed?"-- I get a reply asking if Lieutentant PeePee was in agreement. UGH!!!

Lesson Learned: Don't abbreviate. Spell Check has a sense of humor.


Paula said...

ROFLMAO thanks for the laugh Cassandra :) Ah the joys of typing LOL! Now keep in mind I was a Director's PA/Secretary in my previous life! - so one typo that I will never live down is typing "pubic" instead of "public" in a report to Council *eek*

Kim said...
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Kim said...

That is toooo funny. I love whoever responded to you with that comment. The spellcheck fairy has had a laugh or two at my expense, too!

Anonymous said...

ha ha I thought only stupid things like that happen to me!

Patti H

Jennifer Sizemore said...

OMG - that had me snorting coffee at my screen!!!! I love the reply, too!