Saturday, July 07, 2007

Cookie Monsters

IV is spending the night with Spencer tonight. Those two together are...whew! They fought imaginary Ninjas in the yard, then we had pizza, then we played games (they both cheat!) then I got the great idea to make cookies with them. They wanted to use green sprinkles to make "booger cookies"-- UGH! Then they used decorator icing and made abstract art (aka huge messes)but had a blast! Right now they are in their sleeping bags and giggling hysterically --which means either one of them pooted or both of them pooted. Geez...little boys!


Gena said...

LOL!!!! Sounds like they are having fun! Steven would fit right in with them. Guess you will be up for a while tonight. :) Booger cookies... I think every lil boy thinks of booger cookies. UGH Been there.

thesearemydogs said...

Hi Cassandra. It's Amy from Scrapjazz. Spencer is the cutest boy I have EVER seen! He looks so much like you too.