Friday, July 20, 2007

Four Wheeler Fun

Spencer and IV are having a blast making new paths on their four wheeler. They like their motorcycles - but the four wheeler has a new charm to it! Plus they can follow Boppa around on his 4 wheeler!


Debbie Dean said...

Cassandra, when I pulled up and saw Spencer on the little 4 wheeler I was so surprised to see him manuevering around the field. He was driving that little thing like a pro! I wasn't sure who was having more fun. Boppa was grinning from ear to ear just watching him.

Paula said...

Ahhhh boys and their toys LOL

AmyWhit said...

Hey, Cassandara! It's rileysmom from SJ. It looks like our boys share a common love...their 4-wheelers! Riley got one for Christmas. His is yellow too!

I'm so disappointed that I didn't get to come to the crop in G'boro! Maybe next time everything will line up so that I can be there!