Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I got a call from tomorrow

I want to say thanks to everyone for all the calls, messages, prayers and support for Kim. Keep the thoughts and prayers going and hopefully we will get good news soon. Although I appreciate (as does Kim) every call, one stood out today. Paula, our friend from Australia, called at 5:30 today. It was already 8:30 in the morning for her. Weird huh? She called from tomorrow. That makes things seem better-- if today is bad, just think, it is already tomorrow in Australia. Paula has the cutest accent. She is 100% Aussie.

I spent my lunch hour yesterday helping out for a class party at Spencer's school. One of the other class Moms (my friend Laura) and I actually had fun with it. I tell ya-- little kids will say the strangest things. One little kid confessed that he can't eat the candy he gets at school because he has to bring it home and put it in a bowl for Halloween so his Mom doesn't have to buy candy. I didn't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for him. I'm lying-- I laughed.

Laura and I are still doing the exercise/dance class. It isn't as hard on us as it was a month ago. We actually enjoy it now (except for the crunches). But as a valuable lesson--- do NOT eat dinner before dance class-- you will spend the first half of the class with severe indigestion and the last half of class holding in a fart. Or so we have heard...

Lastly, let me tell you what I did yesterday for the first time since I moved into my house 13 years ago....I checked my mail at my driveway. Yeah, no big deal for you normal people. But for the past 13 years, this has been a private road and the mailboxes had to be put up on a main road 1/2 mile from my house where they were routinely vandalized by idiots. Now, I have my mailbox at my driveway and sadly, yeah, I am excited about it.


LesleMora said...
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LesleMora said...

All the small joys in life add up, each one worthy of being relished. I'm excited about the mailbox too, and I'm so hope to hear good news about Kim

Paula... said...

Let me just it's a beautiful sunny day in "tomorrow" land ROFL. It was so good to actually talk to you - I'm hearing your accent as I read your blog now LOL.

Here's hoping every "tomorrow" is a better one for Kim.

We take little things like our mailboxes for granted - I only have to walk about 10 steps to get to mine from the front door :)

So glad you enjoyed the class party - the poor kid having to save his lollies for Halloween - it would do no good here because we don't celebrate Halloween over here (although Dayna would love to just to get the lollies - yep they're called "lollie" over here LOL)

ROFL at holding in the fart - now if you've "heard" someone must have let one rip - was it you????

Patti H said...

Okay you had me chuckling at the dance class. I would be right there with you LOL

I still have Kim close in my thoughts.

Funny kids things kids say. Too funny about him having to bring his candy home to give out.

Matt when he did go trick or treating a few times he always threw in the bowl to hand out the things he did not like. LOL
Heres to a better tomorrow for all of us

Amy said...

Can you please have your friend tell me what happens in my tomorrow tonight? Because if the Dow's gonna plunge like it did today, I'm staying bed.

Still praying for Kim. hugs!