Saturday, October 18, 2008

Perfect Fall Saturday

Other than being a bit chilly, today was darn near perfect. Spencer had a 10:30 soccer game. I got to sleep in on a Saturday and we still got up and out in time to not feel like we wasted half the day. The soccer game was fun and furious-- the final score was 1-0. Spencer scored the winning goal, and boy was he happy about it! My little guy was so proud that he insisted on wearing his soccer uniform the entire day!
After the game, the ref asked about Spencer and if I was his Mom (uh oh! what did he do now?) He told me he was impressed with Spencer's "natural" skills. He said he never sees kids his age punt nearly the length of the field. No one has EVER told me that Spencer had skills before-- I was so proud! I probably looked dumbfounded, but I did manage to thank him for taking the time to give me feedback.

After the soccer game, we went to a local church's fall festival. We had barbecue, let the kids play games and goof off. The boys all got together for a pick up game of football right at the church cemetery. You gotta love rough and tumble little boys!


Yankee said...

Go, Spencer!
Looks like a great day.

Cheri Pryor said...

Great action shot of Spencer!! Yay for him...sounds like we have a Beckham in the making. Woot-Woot!

Patti H said...

I always enjoy your family photos! Fun day!

kbuck said...

Congrats Spencer!!!! Love the blue hair!

Paula... said...

Go Spencer! Go Spencer! Go Spencer!

Fun family snaps and day out :)