Sunday, September 27, 2009

Congratulations Jennie & Ivan

Friday night was Jennie and Ivan's wedding--it was beautiful and Jennie looked gorgeous! Our guys had football this weekend, so Laura and I were each others' dates, and, of course, we had a blast.

Since Jennie is on her honeymoon, it is safe to post a few pictures. Laura and I decided that Jennie will get more than plenty sweet, wholesome wedding pictures, so we would slip in a few pictures to make her laugh.
Here is a sample:

Notice, we even got a few of the other wedding guests in on the action. Poking our fingers in the cake, stealing the silverware, stealing the wedding gifts, rocking the mic, the gratuitous bathroom humour, etc. Jennie will love it!

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Mama Laura said...

Aren't you glad I came along and am willing to make a fool of myself for your photography pleasure?