Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crazy Conversations

Yesterday, I overheard a conversation between Spencer and my nephew, IV.
I had to hold back the giggles.
It went something like this.

IV: I bet Jesus could sing.
Spencer: What?
IV: You know. When Jesus was on earth. I bet he was a good singer.
Spencer: Probably. He was probably good at everything. I bet he was picked first to be on kickball.
IV: Do you think they had American Idol back then? Cuz I bet Jesus would win.
Spencer: They didn't have TV back then. But I bet they had kickball.
IV: Hmmmm... I want to sing like Jesus.
Spencer: yeah. Whatever.


Anna Ruth said...

I love it! The boys talking about Jesus singing. How did you hold back the laughs?

Georgina, said...


Paula... said...

ROFL - out of the mouths of babes :)

The Partin Family said...

That's great! Ha ha! I wish I had been there! Look at my sweet nephew talking about Jesus....ha ha! :) Thanks for sharing!

Patti H said...

that is so funny!!

Patti H said...

that is so funny!!

Leslie said...

I'd vote for Jesus on AI! LOL

Lori P said...

LMAO. crazy what kids talk about when they think no one is listening